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Pieter Lakeman censored for HATE SPEECH

Last month we picked a number of short fragments of Pieter Lakeman (78) from an episode of Café Weltschmerz in which Pieter was a guest and read his impressive column.

This man speaks common sense here for 2 minutes. A wonderful video.


Nicely observated. Good reactions and a 99% like ratio. Logically, the man speaks wisdom and is respected.

3 weeks later ...


YouTube censors Pieter Lakeman. Someone flagged this video on YouTube and Pieter Lakeman's video has been removed.


What was the reason, YouTube?

The mail from YouTube:


YouTube's guidelines have been broken. Your video was “flagged” (someone reported the video as dangerous material).

You do get a chance to defend yourself. Fortunately, because this is an absolute mistake. Probably a troll that flagged the video. You are not going to think that there is something political behind this and that Pieter Lakeman is being silenced.

We put in our "defense" so they can manually watch the video and see that nothing is wrong. Only an elderly respected Dutch person who speaks wise words for 2 minutes. Expresses his opinion.

Less than 10 minutes later we received ...

The verdict:

“We apologize for the delay”. Well, apologies accepted. This entire process took less than 10 minutes.

Anyway, as they say in the mail, people are extremely busy removing videos about COVID19 that do not comply with their protocol. No opinion should be expressed about Corona on YouTube.

We were “reported” and your video is gone ...

Open and shameless censorship. And who are behind it? Who flagged those videos?

This is now the 7th time a video has been removed from us.
At one, in which only an interview by De Telegraaf with a Moroccan family was shown, the video was removed and we received a week's sentence for hate speech.

See the HATE SPEECH video here:

In a normal fair world, everyone would be ashamed of this. But we live in an absurd world ...

Who is Pieter Lakeman?

Pieter Lakeman (78) was born the son of a medical couple. From 1960 to 1973, he first studied physics for six years and then econometrics for six years at the University of Amsterdam. After working for two years at the port company Van Ommeren, he founded the Company Research Foundation (SOBI) in 1976, of which he is still the chairman.

The goal of SOBI is: “To promote correct reporting by the Dutch business community”. With his foundation, he conducts research on behalf of shareholders into the financial situation of listed companies. He has written several books on his field and his best-known book is outside his immediate field Inside without knocking: Dutch immigration policy and the economic consequences, in which he looked economically at Dutch immigration policy from the 60s to 90s. According to Lakeman, the immigration of Moroccans and Turks, among others, cost Dutch society much more than it generated, up to 1999 some seventy billion guilders. In addition, he argues that the business community knew from the first recruitment that it was not about temporary workers.

An extremely intelligent man with a lot of life experience. He is a regular guest at Café Weltschmerz. Worth googling this man or listening to YouTube for an evening (before he is completely banned).

It just goes to show which future we are being forced upon and how everyone has long since passed away. They just do it.



It is in and in sad. Sad. Childlike. Showy. Etcetera.

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