Pieter Omtzigt leaves CDA, splits off

MP Pieter Omtzigt, who has been sitting at home tense since the parliamentary elections in March, has announced that he has canceled his CDA membership and will continue as an independent MP as soon as his replacement is complete.

Omtzigt published a statement on his Twitter account in response to the leak of a internal memo which sets out his vision of the events in the run-up to the party leader election that he narrowly lost to Health Minister Hugo de Jonge, the succession of the same De Jonge, who, according to Omtzigt, went wrong, because he had been promised that he would take over if the party leader would drop out, and the run-up to the elections to the House of Representatives.

In his statement, Omtzigt indicates that the leaking of the memo has made it more difficult to continue to function within the CDA, something that, if the memo is completely correct, should have been very difficult anyway.

He also states that he has informed the party chairman that he is canceling his membership.

“I will of course not abandon my Christian-democratic ideals for a better functioning rule of law and an economy and society to which everyone contributes and where everyone can lead a decent life. It is my intention to return as an independent Member of Parliament,” – Pieter Omtzigt

Omtzigt will therefore continue as a Member of Parliament. He will have his own independent faction in the House of Representatives as soon as he has fully recovered. Omtzigt is currently being replaced in the House of Representatives for a period of 16 weeks due to a burnout, once that period has expired Omtzigt will take his seat again and the split will become official.

Hoekstra response

CDA leader and Minister of Finance Wopke Hoekstra responded with a statement on Twitter:

A real politician: many words, no substance.

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