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AIRPLANES full of asylum seekers taxi into Germany

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The German 'Mission Lifeline' has been transporting illegal refugees to Europe since 2016. Normally such transports go over the water, but this time a more luxurious plan is ready.

With two Boeing 747-300 aircraft wants Mission Lifelinenamely hundreds of asylum seekers fly into Germany.

The money is already ready, but the German Ministry of the Interior has yet to put a scratch under the agreement.

The left-wing NGO 'Mission Lifeline' has a reputation for 'making its own rules':

In 2018, the ship ignored instructions from Italian authorities to transfer all refugees on board to the Libyan Coast Guard.

The captain, Claus-Peter Reisch, was also accused 'deliberately' have the ship false registered.

In 2019 it was hit again, when the captain sailed the 'LIFELINE' deliberately ILLEGALLY into Italian waters.

What parallel world do we actually live in?

Germans are not even allowed to eat an ice cream on foot outside a radius of 50 m from the ice cream parlor, they are no longer allowed to go to Zandvoort aan Zee to dig holes, but asylum seekers can board a plane for free on the way to Shangri-La.

Mission Lifeline even speaks of an 'airlift' between Lesbos and Berlin and wants to start flying 150 illegal immigrants from Greek migrant camps to Germany.

There is already 110.000 euros available for the mission. € 55.000 of this recently came in through a fundraising campaign.

The airline that wants to fly 'Mission Lifeline' has already AGREED.

We now only have to wait for the green light from the German Ministry of the Interior.


"Mission Lifeline" will Einwanderer per Flugzeug nach Deutschland caves

G-Images. This is not the photo of the aircraft in question. It is an illustration of an airplane full of mostly male migrants. A phenomenon that has existed for years is, as is the case with this article. 


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