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Please let us spread fake news!

Most of what we post here on CSTV is more or less verified or appears to verify itself over time.

Of course it is because of the many quantity information and often lack of It is not always possible to find out every spoken/written word, explanation and/or video that is specifically meant here.

Also because it has to do with a route that everyone (semi) obligated to follow by the government, leads to a certain point in the future, and this future is determined by what happens in the now.

Again by a comment with link from Carla, an asset here on the site regarding information dissemination 😉 in combination with an excerpt from a speech/interview with Trump, in which he makes a statement in my opinion that given the point we are at today ¨They are currently removing the cows can be checked with the facts we now see.  Supplemented with a statement that only the future will show whether this is correct ¨People will be next¨ 

But! , as the title of this article says, Please let us be wrong¨ and may this be fake news¨


 Trump's statement.☝️


Carla's link👇




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