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Podcast - Removed CommonSenseTV from YouTube

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Podcast Niels Lunsing

Niels talks to Danny of the citizen platform CommonSenseTV. The channel will be taken down on October 15 due to various claims.


One claim is absolutely justified. That is Ferry de Kok's claim. They are his photos. We were quite impulsive when we saw the pictures of Grapperhaus. We immediately made a video and an article about it. We hope for an arrangement so that we can continue with our work. Namely showing the other side of the story that the media does not want to show us.

The other claims are bizarre.

We also just found out that 1 video 2x has been claimed by Sony. 

We saw this just after the podcast was recorded.

First, we got permission from SonyMusic to keep the video. It is said to have no effect on our channel. Almost 70 days later, Sony has the video removed anyway, resulting in a claim costing us our channel.

They don't answer. Three emails have been sent by us to Sony.


Mail July 30:


But almost 70 days later ...

Mail 8 October:

Pure harassment. Why are they so scared when, according to them, we spread conspiracy theories? Or are we getting a little too close to the truth?

Read all the claims we have had here.

CommonSenseTV will be removed from YouTube (a minor update)


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