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Police Commissioner - We choose the people!

Kriminalhauptkommissar Michael Fritsch speaks in an excellent and emotional way during the demonstration in Dortmund against the corona measures.

A fantastic speech that will perhaps go down in history as the beginning of the turning point for the Germans.

Here the short version that we have translated for you. At the bottom of this article the full speech.

He is calling on all police, authorities, BOAs and the citizen themselves, especially those who are unaware, and often unwilling to listen to what thousands of people want to warn them about.

People want to tell you something because they also want the very best for you and the country.

Again the appeal, for people who are in fear and for those who stick to the government, the RIVM, the media and politics, and cannot believe that there are completely different things at play here that you and I at the end of the day, and we're talking months instead of years, will plunge into a completely different world.

And only then you will notice. But then it will be too late. And you WILL be blamed.

Those who could have known but laughed it off, were lazy or were simply too stubborn and dismissed the observant citizens as conspiracy thinkers ...

Be wise, search, get informed and act!

I am a patriot, not an idiot. We protect you the people, NOT politics!

Share this AS MUCH you can. Everywhere. Times are crucial. And the police can play a vital role.

Watch the full speech for those who understand German. Stunning!

SUPPORT US A BIT! We don't have it that easy at the moment either.

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