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Watchful and Servant --For Whom? George van der Leeden with Dennis Spaanstra


Police for Freedom

Police officer Dennis Spaanstra will launch a new police organization on Saturday 10 April: Police for Freedom. He wants to organize a march on that day.

Police for Freedom's goal:

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Police for Freedom Nederland about the actions of the police:

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Police for Freedom is an international organization that was founded in Spain in February of this year and now has branches in various countries.

"Our goal is to form a bridge between citizens and the police,”Says Spaanstra, who has held various positions in his career with the police, including as a street attendant, detective and riot police officer.

Spaanstra is concerned about the violence used by the police against peaceful protesters in several demonstrations against the corona measures. Police for Freedom does not take a position on policy, he says, but wants to protect the right to demonstration and freedom of expression.

In the interview he addresses, among other things, the suggestion by Prime Minister Rutte that the images of excessive violence during demonstrations would give a distorted picture.​​

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