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Police opens click line.

Police Netherlands. Why are you doing this anyway? I think the population has always argued for more blue on the street with more powers and an attractive salary. So that you can apply violence in the right place in the right situation. Professional, human and fair.

Stink for thanks. You choose to enforce these bizarre idiotic measures, and by force. Why?? You are there for the citizens! Do you think it's strange that you get these kinds of things to your head? We want professional officers who make us feel safe, professional police officers do. Wake up yourself.

A tweet from the police in Amstelveen is currently causing a lot of commotion. People who have information about a possible party or its organization are urged to call the police number or Report Crime Anonymously.

Prime Minister Rutte gave an earlier this month 'very urgent advice' not to organize parties or drinks at home for the time being. He called on people to do so, because according to him, most of the new infections are in the private sphere.

Meldpunt Nederland responds on Facebook: “2020, the year in which parties are forbidden and people are called upon to betray each other for perfectly normal things. The new normal! The police should be ashamed! What a dirty people the Dutch police officers have become! Bah!"

Last week, the police went out with all their might to stop a birthday party in Haarlem.

Police go out with all their might to stop children's party

"This in the year in which we celebrate 75 years of freedom," tweets The_Borgh. Percolator writes: "The new NSB ..."

It's about this tweet. A call to announce parties.

The Police comes, because of the justified angry reactions, with the bottom tweet to calm things down. But we have seen many times by now that the reality is that you are cracking down on people who want to impose these crazy corona rules on us. Police, you are the l * l yourself if these sick people are not stopped! Wake up! 


Not to mention your other crimes committed en masse against your own people. You know. Romeo's, more than 10.000 fines from € 400 to € 4.000. Including underage children. You seem to have taken sides. And that is not the side of the people.

Stench for thanks!

I think the population has always argued for more blue, more powers and attractive wages. So that you can act hard and we feel safe. Stink for thanks. You choose to maintain these insane measures. Wake up yourself.

Not when someone is going to bring strawberries to her elderly mother:

Sophia brings STRAWBERRIES to her mother, elderly home calls the police

Or not using a shopping cart when buying a bunch of flowers. Shame on you!

Read more about this disgusting state of affairs at the Netherlands Police here:

The new NSB? 'Police opens click line to combat partying people'

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