Police tries to evacuate church: Pastor expels police from church

A Canadian minister from Calgary, Alberta sends 6 police officers out of the church who tried to stop the Easter service because of the “zum kotzen” cojona rules.

When the police masquerade army arrived with their “Befehl ist Befehl” mentality, the pastor denounced the police officers as Gestapos, Nazis, fascists and psychopaths who came to ruin every Christian's holiest day through intimidation. Befehl ”mentality.

Many people feel this frustration, but do not always dare to express it.

This pastor was not bothered by that today.

We have subtitled and saved it, but also put it on YouTube for a while:

Well police! That's what you get when you cooperate with the enemy and not protect your citizens.

According to Canadian media, he has been repeatedly fined by authorities for organizing protests in violation of current health regulations in the country. His views have made him a target for criticism from leftist activists. (source)

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