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Politician Haberl shocks the world: “I've seen it in black and white. It's about reducing the world's population. ”

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German politician flips out of school

A shocking message from Germany.

A voice message surfaced from AfD politician last week Andrea Haberl in which she talks about the consequences of a new strict law that allows the German government to introduce lockdowns everywhere.

Last week we picked up the article about this Ninefornews where a sound recording of Haberl was posted and we started translating and subtitling.

It was NEVER about corona

Millions of people warn against the plan that is being rolled out here, not only outside politics. Within politics, people are also standing up and confirming that corona has turned out to be a scam and that this is about thinning and control of the world population and that the system, in which they themselves participate, must be overthrown.

In the Netherlands we have Baudet and van Haga and hopefully 6 more sincere, honest people who will not mince their words but also have real opposition that does not end in the meaningless Lower House. An opposition that will set the people in motion and literally join the people. There is opposition to that during emergencies like this and they can play an important role in that. They MUST play an important role in that if you are a Forum for Democracy. Because that democracy is about to fall forever.

If they don't, they will still go down in history as "those who did nothing when they could."

No matter how hard: If you start it and you promise it, you should do it without any fear of political consequences. You want to get rid of the system, don't you?

Politicians in Germany are finally opening their mouths and one of them is the German Bavarian politician of the AfD Andrea Haberl.

"It was never about Corona", warns Andrea Haberl, secretary of the AfD district association Freising-Pfaffenhofen.

If you want to listen to the video / recording immediately:
(a shorter summary below the video)





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I've seen it in black and white. It's about reducing the world's population

A bill has been submitted in Germany. The so-called German Infection Protection Act (infection protection law). Haberl already pointed out in the video that this percent “1000% sure will be passed”. 

“They need a two-thirds majority. They achieve that two-thirds majority. This has already been recorded. Don't be under any illusions. ”

Because it goes against all human rights, there were still some “legal issues” to be settled, but the scary law has indeed passed. (source)

"The law means that Merkel will put the states out of action.", says Andrea.

“That means that she has all the power and control. That woman takes over practically our entire lives. ”

You can hardly imagine that such a weak, delicate woman, tickling like a straw, can draw so much power to herself.

Andrea Haberl explains:

“All our rights. She can now disable everything. And I am telling you very clearly now: It has never been about corona. ”

"It is only about one goal, to implement the plan."

The plan. The Great Reset. Build Back Better. We know the plan.

“I have seen it in black and white myself. I know what I'm talking about. It's clearly about minimizing and reducing the world's population. ”

"The whole thing is already planned in 2019 where Merkel met at the Bilderberg conference."

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The Bilderberg Conferences
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Haberl mentions how Angela Merkel belongs to a certain kind of elite who want to push the Great Reset plan through.

We must recognize that people like Angela Merkel, and in the Netherlands mark rutte, hugo the young, but so many others ruthless power-hungry people and vain fake virologists are completely insane and capable of anything through vanity and power. These people have no idea of ​​reality and live in a world of power and negative energy that we as ordinary people cannot imagine.

They love to live in this atmosphere and to terrify the people and, as long as the audience does not realize it, to play with people's lives as if they were nothing. If you as a person take pleasure in the fact that someone else feels scared and threatened by you, and if you insist on injecting an entire population with a proven dangerous and experimental vaccine, then you are a psychopath. Because you don't have any empathy.

Oh, it got through to those blunt brains of certain people. The people looking away and the weak people with the eternal “It is as it is. What are we going to do?". Zum kotzen.

Merkel is sometimes laughingly called Doctor Bibber because of her uncontrolled tremors, but it says so much about this woman and it is actually no laughing matter that this creature has so much power in Germany and in the EU.



“We all have to become dependent on the state. Property is being taken from us. You can read everything I tell you. ”

We know. This is just confirmation of what we already knew. They come for us and they come for our children. With this new bill, they can take children away from parents when it sees fit. As soon as a number of self-proclaimed immeasurable “corona numbers” correspond to a self-manufactured “model” in a region or area, that law will come into effect and there is no longer a judge who can protect your children.

The problem is that most people do not (want to) read it and do not want to be convinced that they are about to lose everything.

And they let themselves, but worse, inject their offspring with an mRNA vaccine that they don't even know what it means! They find out very quickly.

But anyone who reads this and has not yet had their turn: Don't do it! No vacation or trip abroad is worth the gamble. If you succeeded it is a gamble. Because it is experimental. The ultimate goals will only really be achieved with the, for them, perfect vaccine.

Hence the “multiple vaccinations”. The fact is that even we put too much perspective here because even we cannot think the worst. But we know better. And it has to come out.

If you are genuinely interested in gaining knowledge of the covid19 vaccines and biotechnology then you really should read the articles from Avalerion Awakes:

“And I can tell you again, don't get vaccinated!”, according to Haberl.

If you have read or are going to read the links above, you will never be vaccinated against covid. However you agreed to it.

“This vaccination only serves one purpose, that humanity, the world's population is reduced. It is, and this vaccine is absolutely life-threatening. ”

Andrea asks the listeners to review what happened in Germany in the past year.

"No, there will be no compulsory vaccination, you first heard."

“People wanted this mRNA vaccine for years back, but this was prohibited. Because it was simply too dangerous, because it intervenes in the DNA, in the genes. ”

"And now they are chasing this through and they are allowed to vaccinate with it, despite all the dead NOW ALREADY."

Now that duty will come. You can no longer go shopping without a test or vaccination.

“They want to take everything from us. From those who survive the vaccination. ” 

Vaccination is Russian Roulette.

A conspiracy theory, ridiculed by all politicians and famous TV figures, has become a reality. Like so many “conspiracies” now. A word that is completely misinterpreted by about 80% of the population and immediately gives a negative aftertaste. Purely through propaganda.

“The next thing is that we all become dependent on the state. That means that our food must be allocated and homes distributed. ”

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Only the people can stop this

“The next thing that comes our way is a climate lockdown. I can already tell you that we will get the 'green' chancellor. ”

This sounds very familiar, doesn't it? Sigrid Kaag? Out of nowhere, this, for many Dutch people a witch of a woman, stood on 27 scripted seats.

The day after they take a few seats off and the bastards people have to conclude from that: "Everything is fair!" while we have seen the impossible unfold before our own eyes? What disdain for the intelligence of the average citizen. The arrogance of power.

The most hated party in the Netherlands that can no longer open a comment section with the most hated woman as party leader wins the elections in an unimaginable way and our new Prime Minister is known.

“They will take everything from us and I have to make that very clear here. It is really up to the people themselves to stop this. ”

"And I'll be honest, she (Merkel) will close the supermarkets at some point."

“It has to happen that during this lockdown we also get a curfew during the day. That we can only shop once a week. ”

That is no longer a conspiracy theory either. My mother has to call the Etos to make an appointment. She may be in the store for 20 minutes. I cannot say whether that is national policy of that store.

Freedoms are being taken away en masse

Even more shocking: “We are no longer allowed to leave the house. From next week we will not even be allowed to enter our own garden after 21 pm. ”

Now this law has been passed, as Haberl predicted, only it is still very fresh:

¡We will start to see the consequences very soon.

“Of course you think… this is not possible. She can't do that anyway… But she can do it and will do it. It's part of the plan. ”

At the time, federalism was specifically enshrined in the constitution, so that there could never be a ruler like Hitler again. The problem is that Merkel can do anything. She can just put everything out of action and we have a second one 1933. ”

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The system has to be overthrown

Despite the fact that everything is so thick on top of it and despite the fact that the lie is so huge and that especially in Germany no dog actually dies from corona ... People just don't want to see it. They even defend the people who want to exterminate and subdue them.

Letting go of a psychologist probably makes no sense because he or she is just as brainwashed. Just like many doctors, lawyers, medics. scientists and other experts in important areas are only coming out slowly.

In any case, there are still far too few of those people out and that says something about their concise thinking ability or unfortunately about their integrity.

Although we should not see it too gloomy because we know that there is indeed a very large group of people going on for humanity. But on a small scale, such as here in the Netherlands, A LOT of people from many disciplines could have calmed down the situation in the Netherlands and made people think. And that did not happen.

"The only thing that can save us is to overthrow this system."

"This is true, because we all belong to this system, I must unfortunately say."

"We already knew this last year and I tried so many times to wake people up, but they didn't want to wake up."

That is the problem because many cannot imagine it.

If we don't get up now and do nothing, it will hit us so hard… we can't imagine that.

This woman Merkel is ill. European politics is sick and in the hands of dangerous reptiles. Often very old, very rich, a lot of power and very dark thoughts.

"She (Merkel) has dismissed the judges and has given the most important positions to anyone who agrees with her."

“You have to keep in mind what is really going on here. It's a system worse than the GDR. ”

She says about her own profession and about her own colleagues:

“We should no longer place our hopes on politics. Politics no longer provides guidance and will no longer help us. ”

“I have to make that very clear, even when I say things here that could cost me my head in politics. It doesn't matter because it's about our lives turns. It's about the future of our families and our children. ”

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An uprising can save us

“Time is running out. You all want to protect your children, protect your families. Then we have to do something and oppose the system. ”

The people can ensure that this stops. By simply not participating. Definitely not. It takes courage from those who initiate it and start it, but soon the chain reaction cannot be stopped and there is no government, no matter how disturbed those people are, can no longer stop.

“If you always participate, then it is over. But the people who just obey according to that are facing their own downfall. ”

And we will have to let go of those people. Once you've tried everything to convince them and set them in motion, but they don't want to listen ... No matter how harsh: They have volunteered to help combat the overpopulation. At the expense of their parents, children and themselves.

People often think that this is one of so many crises that we have experienced in our lives but have never really gotten through. "It was not too bad."

People are very uninterested and distrust politics. When they talk big about politicians at birthday parties: “All pickers!”, You know them, people like that are the same people who obediently follow the most absurd measures in a situation like this by those same politicians they so distrusted.

Andrea Haberl says she is open to the people to cooperate in any way with the population against this disaster.

“If you want more information on this, write me or something. We can set up something. I am someone who does not adapt to the system. ”

It is always the people of the parties who were dismissed as the “extreme right” or “radical” who eventually turn out to be the people who really care about the people and the country.

The frightening warning has not yet had any consequences for the politician, de knows Danube Kurir. However, the matter is currently being “investigated”. Well… researched. By who?

Doubts arose about the authenticity of this fragment. Perhaps it would have been better to post this video immediately as confirmation. We are subtitling it and it will take a while with our small team.

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