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The Politics and the Mafia

The House of Representatives is not a place where the country is governed, but can be seen as the place where long-term job interviews take place.

Anyone who follows politics a little has been able to conclude with some surprise that the greater the incompetence of a politician, the better paid are the positions he or she manages to acquire at the end of his political career. There is an inverse relationship between the functioning of the politician and the pay, in other words: the worse off the people, the better off the politician himself.

Some examples for illustration.

During Gerrit Zalm's economic regime, the Dutch lost billions through profiteering policies. Much money went from the people to the banks. Gerrit Zalm was thanked for his infinite incompetence with all kinds of well-paid jobs in the banking world, including the corrupt DSM and then ABN-Amro.

Wouter Bos sold the ABN-Amro to Fortis in 2007 for far too low an amount. The whole of the Netherlands has been harmed by this. Thanks to Bos, after the merger of ABN and Fortis, this merged bank was too big to fail and after the crash received substantial state support with advice from Gerrit Zalm. Money again went from the people to the banks. Since then, Wouter Bos has worked extremely well as a partner at KPMG and financial advisor to the banking sector.

Jan Peter Balkenende and Jaap de Hoop Scheffer dragged the Netherlands into a war in Iraq in 2003. They participated in the coalition of the willing to overthrow Saddam Hussein. This while you didn't have to be a clairvoyant to see that there were no weapons of mass destruction and there was no evidence of any links to Al Qayda. As a country, the Netherlands had no good reason to get involved, but they still killed thousands of Iraqis. After Saddam's fall, Iraqis were even worse off with the corrupt political gang left behind by Balkenende and de Hoop Scheffer in Iraq after the regime change.

For their support of the war, Balkenende was thanked with a place in the club of Rome and a well-paid job at the ING bank (which he had also given state support for this). Jaap de Hoop Scheffer was allowed to join the Bilderbergclub and got a well-paid job at NATO.

Henk Kamp, was just a nobody-FIOD inspector who for one reason or another was allowed to become a minister. With his approval, all biomass plants have been set up because they are CO2-favorable on paper. These power stations are polluting, forests are being cut down and only save on paper CO2. Since then, he has been allowed to sit on all kinds of supervisory boards, without any knowledge of the facts, but of course generously rewarded.

In the interview with Kees van der Pijl (1) it becomes clear how this job carousel works. The politicians come for a job interview with a billionaire, are given a trial period in politics and, if they perform well, are allowed to hold a political position for a little longer. The more loyal to this billionaire and the better their ability to sell monkey sandwiches to the people, the more generously they will be thanked by the mafia that runs the Netherlands behind the scenes.

The decision of these billionaires to place a politician as a puppet is based on the loyalty they have shown to it. To what extent they have complied with party policy and to what extent they were willing to show themselves to be blackmailable. The politician who, for example, had already proven to be able to sell his soul at a regional level, can play a drama at national level for a few years.

The media should be expected to have the function of holding the politicians to account in the event of failure. This function of the media has been completely lost and they have become part of the problem. Pieter Klok, editor-in-chief of de Volkskrant, states that there is an agreement that all newspapers consciously aim the same direction. Paul Jansen, editor-in-chief of the AD, admits honestly that he can determine who will become prime minister. (2) Because the NOS and media are in the hands of Marcel Gelauff, Gert Ysebaert and Dries Luyten from mediahuis, someone can be made or broken in a coordinated way.

Rumors of congress sound technicians and journalists who had one beer too much have revealed that the politicians behind the scenes are completely different from presenting themselves in front of the camera. Jan Peter Balkenende and Wouter Bos were very right-wing boys tapping jokes outside the camera. In front of the camera they were left-wing, visionless, meaningless, but sympathetic-looking people. If the media were just as strict and honest with the billionaires elected politicians as it was with less desirable politicians, we would get a very different picture. The media are capable of making or breaking the politician completely and they do so in a very targeted manner.

Every letter in the newspaper has a function; a propaganda function or a distraction function. One day recently (March 31), attention was drawn to the lies of Mark Rutte about the benefits affair and other matters of which he had no active memory. One day was almost enough to get him out of the political arena. (This action was a nice diversion from the constitutional amendment that was quietly proposed that same day, allowing the government to see your phone. (3)) The media could have chosen to expose Rutte's lies years earlier, but have not done this. It would be naive to think that this is happening unconsciously. Every word in the media has been carefully chosen to blacken or glorify a politician. Information is deliberately concealed or distorted.

Incidentally, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the media to portray politicians sympathetically, because the level of available candidates is declining. Possibly this decline in quality can be explained because they are no longer mischievous pranks. The level of psychopathy that is required is so great that few can be found for it. When Bruno Bruins let his conscience speak and had left the stage through an audience fainting, the flush became thin. At that time there was only a limited gifted, cocaine-using primary school teacher available, a certain Hugo de Jonge. It takes a lot of creativity from the media to be able to sell this man somewhat sympathetically. It's almost as difficult to make Hugo appear capable as portraying Joe Biden as a spiritually yet bright president.

This is how the system works and it can happen that we have been watching for years a fake parliament where bad plays are performed every day with discussions about irrelevant issues and we are exploited for billions. For example, it may happen that we as the Netherlands cooperate in wars for the benefit of the banks, oil and war industry. That is why we are in a lockdown and Sweden is not and there is no journalist who asks questions about it.

Distracted with bread and games, football and Netflix, we have forgotten to think for ourselves and take action ourselves. We still rely on the government, the media, parliamentary inquiries, the judiciary or NGOs like Greenpeace to raise issues. We assume that there are enough security systems that politicians can be dealt with when they get it wrong. The German writer Udo Ulfkotte shows in his book “bought journalists” how all reliable journalists are eliminated and only corrupt journalists remain. Rypke Zeilmaker and Syp Wynia (4 and 5) show how all initially noble organizations and charities have now become malicious targets due to money from the government and postcode lottery. Thanks to the influence of types like Joris Demmink, there are also enough judges available who can produce court decisions that are acceptable to the state. (6)

As a result, our former politicians who helped to corrupt the Netherlands may still receive the respect of the people. However, the aforementioned politicians should be hated and humiliated, as befits their achievements. The main stream media won't do that though, that's why we do it. Hereby the request to anyone who ever provides a service to these persons, to the taxi drivers, waiters, police officers, nurses, garbage collectors, postmen, window cleaner, dentists, etc. If you are ever asked to provide a service and one of the above persons is aware that they pay you with blood money. Please do me, the people and yourself a favor. Cheat them with the bill, run the sandwich through your butt before serving, or use your own creativity to show your “appreciation” to those who have cheated the people for their own gain.


  • 6) Lange Frans met Adele van der Plas


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