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Police at the door: "Are you organizing a demonstration?"

Two policemen suddenly arrived late at night on Miranda's sidewalk.

She opened the door neatly and spoke to the officers.

"Is it true that you are going to a demonstration tomorrow?"

Miranda replies that she has not organized anything but that she USES HER DEMONSTRATION RIGHT and that she goes to the town hall.

Why do you come to my door at ten to half past ten in the evening? How strange!!!

The agent responds giggly that he is only now on duty and that he is on Miranda through his supervisors dismissed.

Agent with number 8868 was agitated and quasi laconic when Miranda asked him for the name of his supervisor.

'I speak out against it cabinet work'says Miranda.

Well, that mag. ”the officer replies.


That was news to the cop.

Also, the two agents had never heard of the Emergency Act:

"I didn't look into that."

They wanted the name of the supervisor CANNOT No reason give up.

The agents knew it was better: Miranda had to give her phone number to the agents.

Miranda said it all special to find that it is her Info had to give up.

"Well, we already have your details, otherwise we wouldn't be at your door." Joked the officers.

Miranda has previously said by someone from local politics to 'radicalized'to be branded.

Miranda tells the officers that she has nothing wrong did: “The worst thing I've ever done in my life is that I have my flashing light I forgot to put it on once. '

"So why are you coming to my door?"

"Because tomorrow I will go to the town hall in Hellevoetsluis with a sheet with letters on it ??!"

The chuckling officer thought that Miranda shouldn't be like that exaggerate:

'It is just a question that I have come to ask, says the officer. We are still alive CANNOT in a dictatuur. '

The agent also replies that it is additionally not him is:

"We just live in different times."

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