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Polish Supreme Court - Poland may have to leave the EU

The Polish, leaning to the left according to Dorzecky The Supreme Court has warned that the country should leave the EU because of the government's legal proposals.

The new reform proposals made by the right-wing conservative Law & Justice party  PiS (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość) would limit the disciplinary responsibility of judges. Poland is going to change the rules and wants to implement that the First President of the court will be elected from now on. (source)

Other new rules from the right-wing conservatives also make it possible to punish judges when they are involved in political activities.

The ruling party says that changes to the law are needed to fight corruption and reform the legal system. This system is still a system that dates back to the time of communism according to PiS.

The EU has been accusing PiS of politicizing the law since 2015. (source)

A draft presented to the Polish parliament was not surprising by the EU "Politicizing the law for personal gain"(source)










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