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Postal voting prohibited in France. Read here why!

The first votes for the House of Representatives have been cast for a few days now.

Because of corona, the 2,4 million over-70s can also vote by post this time. The cabinet decided to make postal voting possible because RIVM has 'designated this group as a risk group for corona'.

Outgoing Interior Minister Ollongren said that there is extra security at PostNL to ensure that everything 'runs smoothly'. "We have a lot of contact with PostNL and they have set up a very good and careful process."

Very susceptible to fraud

French MEP Jerome Riviere (Rassemblement national) said in the studio of One America News that postal voting has been banned in France since 1975 because of the susceptibility to fraud. “You cannot vote by post. However, by proxy. Postal voting is known in France as highly susceptible to fraud. ”

He said voting computers are also banned in France because they are not considered secure enough.

And this is the best way. So why not like this? As soon as the voting process is messed around, it has only one goal. FRAUD! Don't be naive. Don't close your eyes.

Baudet's call to take pictures of the results in ALL polling stations is highly recommended. In this way you can check whether the elections were fair and demonstrate that if necessary. results of postal votes are statistically impossible.

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