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POWERFUL agent ARRORS doctor

The African American Dr. Armen Henderson wanted to bring food and tents to the homeless people in Miami.

He says he has been visiting the homeless in Miami for weeks, offering corona tests to bums and junkies because they are a completely forgotten group.

"It's hard to get a corona test quickly if you're not a famous basketball player or a Hollywood actor." Henderson says.

Poor Henderson

However, the doctor working at the University of Miami was arrested by an agent WITHOUT a mouth mask, who thought Henderson was trading ILLEGAL in mouth masks.

The tough cop hit Dr. Henderson, who did wear a mouth mask himself, in the buoys just in front of his house and shouted: "Call me Sir, call me Sergeant!"

Dr. Henderson states that the agent's spit came on his lips because the policeman came very close to him and waved his finger in his face.

The Miami police therefore do NOT adhere to the social distancing rules.

The doctor had to make every effort not to get angry when the officer didn't believe Henderson was a doctor and lived in the house opposite them.

His wife came running with ID.

Dr. Henderson now demands apologies from the Miami police and a reprimand for the agent in question for not sticking to it 'new normal'.

A very good example that we must take into account, also in the Netherlands.

Police officers and other security personnel who cannot handle power suddenly get the feeling that they have an entire society in their hands. And that can sometimes itch in some.

A society that must follow their rules every step of the way.

The fact that this increases the percentage of abusers of power among the police is not a direct criticism of the police, but rather a natural consequence.

That's why DIT very worrying messages:


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