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Climate predictions over the years have turned out to be nonsense. Disprove it?

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Climate change and global warming

We know what's coming. We will be bombarded with climate propaganda again and they will bring it to you that it is “even worse than corona”.

Our friend Bill Gates:

The idea, the overestimation of man, to even think of having any influence on a planet that is billions of years old.

And we have measurements that go no further back than about 100 years ago. Totally unreliable. Totally pointless. A sample from which you cannot read anything at all. It's hilarious when you keep arguing.

But do you want hard proof that everything we're being told about the climate is complete nonsense and has always been nonsense?

That no prediction has come true? Not a single one?

Take a look at this fragment of a few minutes. Better prepared because the word "climate lockdown" is almost in the Dikke van Dale.


They just keep going.

It will be the same story as last year with the mandatory vaccinations. We wrote it in March that it was coming. You are laughed at and ridiculed. One year later it is time.

And now? Yes, they are going to want to lock us up because of climate change. We are wrong. We as humans are guilty and due to the lockdowns we emit less Co2. That you probably know.

Episode 356

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