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Press release: Lawsuit against mouth mask obligation on June 10

CommonSenseTV is not affiliated with Stichting Bewust Nederland but we thought it was valuable to post.

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Lawsuit against mouth cap obligation

On Thursday 10 June, the Conscious Netherlands Foundation, founded by the Amersfoortse Sylvie van der Voort, will sue the government with regard to the national obligation of mouth caps. Sylvie started crowdfunding for a lawsuit in January 2021. The reason for this was the fact that her fourteen-year-old daughter had to wear a mouth cap in class for four hours. Sylvie objects to this because scientific studies show that the mouth caps do not work and are also unhealthy. In addition to the reports from the OMT and RIVM and other various international studies, it appears that the mouth caps do not work and are therefore completely pointless. They therefore contribute to a false sense of security.

Behavioral influencing

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport also argues that influencing behavior is also the basis of the obligation. According to Sylvie, there is also no scientific evidence for the result of this.


The Foundation is assisted by lawyer Mr. mr. J. Fellinger from Fruytier Lawyers in Business.

To organize and finance the lawsuit, the Bewust Nederland Foundation started a crowdfunding campaign. Thanks to the donations of more than one and a half thousand people, she can now finance the costs of the legal proceedings. Donations are still pouring in daily, the counter now stands at more than twenty-seven thousand euros.

Ample attention

The lawsuit is not only financially supported by many supporters. The messages on this subject have now been shared tens of thousands of times on social media and are accompanied by countless statements of support.

Live stream

The lawsuit starts on June 10 in The Hague at 10 am and can be followed via a live stream.

The link to this livestream can be found well in advance on the Facebook page of Bewust Nederland.



In addition, the video by van Ark in which she says that influencing behavior is the reason for the mouth cap obligation.

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