Pro-European Sandu wins Moldova's presidential election

Maia Sandu, 57, won the presidential election in Moldova with 48% of the vote. Four years ago, Sandu lost to current president Igor Dodon by a difference of 70.000 votes.

Sandu is Moldova's first female president. With this election result, a new wind will blow in the Eastern European country. Although the people are divided between European and Russian supporters, Sandu still got a decent majority of the votes.

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Sandu was previously Prime Minister and Minister of Education. With the appointment of Sandu, the majority of Moldovans hope to get closer to the European Union.

About 3,2 million people voted. The turnout was therefore around 80%. Igor Dodon was President of Moldova for four years.

Maia Sandu on track to win Moldova's presidential runoff | Moldova | Al Jazeera


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