Professor found dead after being bullied by left-wing students

A few days before he would retire early Professor Mike Adams (55) Found dead at 14.00 pm at his home in Wilmington, North Carolina.

He was supposed to last Thursday zelfmoord committed.

He died of a gunshot wound to the head, according to one police report.

The professor of Criminology and Sociology was previously discussed left wing chased students away from UNCW University where he worked.

The students collected 60.000 signatures with two petitions against him.

Mike Adams also wrote columns for and the Daily Wire.

Since 2003 criticized he openly called UNCW. This was due to be in 2006 promotion to professor thwarted by Uni.

Mike Adams therefore filed a lawsuit against UNCW.


UNCW was represented in court by lawyer Roy cooper, who tried to instill Adam's racism and discrimination.

Adams won the lawsuit seven years of legal battle against UNCW and Cooper.

They had to be Mike Adams one compensation $ 760.000, which Adams says he purchased for $ 50.000 pistols and shotguns.

Because according to the professor:

"I love the Second Amendment as much as I love the First Amendment."

He also paid his law team with the money.

Roy Asberry Cooper III later became Governor of North Carolina.


Op 28 april Mike Adams spoke during a anti lockdown rally expresses his opinion on the state of affairs.

He called for disobeying Roy son-of-a-bitch Cooper:

'Just open your shop, open the churches, don't listen to Governor Cooper'

"We'll beat Cooper together, or I know some good lawyers!"

Recent tweets from the professor were UNCW students not pleasant and again fell ill with the management of the University.

Earlier, there was already grumbling about comments from Adams on the Internet to a similar effect.

He would transgender people mentally ill and he found the left-wing students "weak." sissies'.

Op 28 May he wrote on the internet that non-essential major studies such as'Feminism'at the University should be disbanded.

And on 29 May he tweeted that the coronavirus measures North Carolina in one slave state had changed.


Jose Sartarelli of UNCW recently announced on the University website that Adams per 1 August would be sent to early retirement. He got one rot premium of $ 504.702 to take home for lost earnings, such as salary and retirement.

Adams replied on Twitter:

'Many young people are depressed because of their being learned to be constantly insulted. '

Referring to the Black Lives Matter protests, Adams tweeted:

“The wave of violence from white Liberals is organized by your local university.
None of this would be possible without the encouragement of academic extremists holding the higher education system hostage. '

De Telegraaf gave the professor another trap na by posthumously calling him a racist and a homophobic.

New York lawyer Roy den Hollander was also found last week with gunshot wounds in his head.

He was also wars from leftist posture and feminism.

Den Hollander made every effort to get rid of the study 'Religion of Feminism' at Colombia University.

A lawsuit he filed against night clubs led to the admission of women during 'ladies night' for free, while men had to pay a lot for access to the clubs.

Roy den Hollander found this unjust en discriminatory.

His body was also not yet cold when the Dutchman was already thanks msm reporting in history as a misogynist, a sexist and misogynist.

His death was classified as a suicide.

Prof. Mike Adams speaks at reOpen North Carolina event:

Alleged gunman in Epstein court case shot himself several times through the HEAD

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