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Professor of the University of Amsterdam: The corona fairy tale is now really over


Political preferences and other fundamental differences don't matter much anymore.

The advantage of this plan is that people realize that we all have the same enemy. It also opens a lot of eyes to other matters such as climate religion and people are getting more and more aware of how we are played against each other. It also showed who the traitors are in this country. The mistakes.

Suspect number 1: The mainstream media. 


First it was the alternative media that warned the people. However, when we came up with it in March and immediately expressed our doubts, we were quite maligned and lost a lot of readers. Still, we were sure.

This because of the numbers and the very important additional details such as the average age of death and the fact that over 90% had at least one, but usually three or more serious conditions, the big picture quickly becomes clear. We were dismissed as conspiracy thinkers.

Other alternative media also saw it early on. Should we fail someone or a platform here because they were also there to warn us, please let us know.

Sold souls like No style and for obscure reasons also other well-known alternative media, unfortunately stayed behind for a long time by invariably talking about crazy when it came to people who saw through this circus. A mockery. And a number of them too "New modern media with common sense" who are now incredibly popular and big, kept their mouths shut. We're not going to attack them here, because that won't do the thing any good. If they read this, you yes, you who we often have sent 3 or more emails ...

Then people like Maurice de Hond arrived. A dog in sheep's clothing, because this man, despite being a statistician with much more experience than we are, kept his mouth shut for months until he got a profit.

Maurice de Hond's wrong and villainous performance lies in keeping the virus alive as being “serious” in the media and therefore also among people. The banter about ventilation applies to all flu types, but he fiercely perpetuated corona for self-interest. For attention. Those people cannot be trusted.

Our government has put us under a regime with fascist characteristics and self-secrets like Maurice de Hond are also directly guilty of this. This man who has been in the numbers for years should have opened his mouth in March. Completely dismissed this man. He acted like that very consciously. Not a good word for this man and we will not forget.

And we know there are several who have kept their mouths shut. Much more.

Or should we believe that there was no one else in the Netherlands who could put the figures in context at the time and that no one was well informed by doing a little homework, except Robert Jensen and a citizen newspaper like CommonSenseTV?

We have continuously discussed and substantiated the figures and the state of affairs. Where was everyone? And those so-called smart “right-wing” journalists? Were they frozen with fear? Some of them are still in the fairy tale. DukDukGo! Supposedly open minded but talking as if politics is the top of the pyramid and never wanting to take it a step further because they think that “compot thinking”. Hypocritical statements if you don't even want to search before making such a claim.

And all those kind of people discussed above didn't feel at home when we tried to contact them. And still not. Maybe they look down on you? Because you don't have a golden pen? Well, rather citizens with a BIC pen with truths than people with a gold pen who turn around and refuse to look further because… Yes, Joost knows why ..

The people who have the most blood on their hands and should never be forgiven are the mainstream media. All, one by one. Traitors. Very serious. As much damage as they have done us. No one to show the other side of the story. Not a single individual from any media. It's something we'll never forget or forgive and the bill will come. They destroyed us.


It seems that people from all walks of life, liberals, conservatives, left or right (if that still exists), come together and realize that here as humanity we have a common enemy. This irrefutable false coronas fairy tale comes to an end. The truth opens up all eyes automatically, but it took a damn long time. Only a very persistent part lingers in this media and political bubble.

We read up an interesting column by Ewald Engelen, Professor of the University of Amsterdam.

Above the piece was this photo with text:

"For five months, the Dutch media have collectively portrayed Sweden as the 'killing fields' of poor boomers, while mortality in nursing homes was no higher than in England, Belgium or the Netherlands." © Busse & Yankushev

Column by Ewald Engelen:

It is becoming increasingly clear that the corona measures do more harm than benefit. Not only are the socio-economic costs unprecedented. The health gain is also increasingly pales against the health loss due to care avoidance and socio-psychological collateral damage. And five months later, it is no longer the Zwagermannen, Schimmelpennincks, Ten Boschen, Helslot and De Honden of this world who claim that, but certified professionals from the sector itself.

A nice example of it was published on a Flemish website last week. Under the title "To a reverse lockdown!" doctors, specialists, scientists and health care providers have made a lot of corona policy. According to them, Covid-19 cannot be compared to plague and Spanish flu and should rather be seen as a severe winter flu, both in terms of mortality and number of victims. After five months, it is clear that the initial panic over contagiousness and lethality was misplaced. And that the measures taken at the time must be reversed as soon as possible.

The saving technology is also rattling on all sides, according to the authors. The tests themselves are as leaky as a basket and lead to an overestimation of the number of infections. Face masks do more harm than good, as does the excessive hand washing that the RIVM prescribes. Both weaken our immune system and undermine our resistance to other viruses. Furthermore, a vaccine is like ultimum remedy like the flu vaccine, a wet pharmaceutical dream because the virus constantly mutates and antibodies are temporary.

The writers conclude their letter by calling for a reverse lockdown: “Protect those who need it, let the rest of the population move freely so the disease can spread naturally. In time it will weaken the virus. ' In other words, do like the maligned Sweden, which has proven to be able to combine respect for civil liberty rights, minimizing economic damage and protecting the vulnerable.

On the fool ship of today's corona hysteria, it is a real provocation. I wanted to post the letter on Facebook. Did not go. The content violated our Community Guidelines. No idea what those guidelines are, who drew them up and who is a member of that 'community' that is adorned with that soothing word 'our'. Not me.

Read the rest of the column here on



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