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Professor suitable for a closed institution?

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Did you also read the Controversy in the NRC with bewilderment?

Everyone has the right to their own opinion, everyone even has the right to get off the path. But this dispute between two professors makes you goosebumps appear on the retina.

One Birgit Toebes, professor of health law at the University of Groningen, released insane views in the conversation with Jos Dute, emeritus professor of health law at Radboud University Nijmegen. Note: both professors of HEALTH LAW! Here some fragments.

Toebes: "I think it would be good to put all the options on the table and to study them thoroughly, ranging from offering vaccinees privileges to - as an ultimate remedy - mandatory vaccination for the entire population". I repeat: this has been said by a HEALTH LAW expert.

Then she actually nuances something: "A direct vaccination obligation only comes into view if everyone has access to a reliable vaccine and, as a result of insufficient willingness, the vaccination coverage is too low." This nuance concerns 1e part, right after that she goes horribly wrong again. This could be a statement by runners of the pharma mafia such as Marion Koopman, Ab Osterhaus and Jaap van Dissel. What health security does Aunt Toebes provide from her chair? When is a vaccine reliable? After flawed tests?

Then another scoop of dubiousness is added: “If too few people get vaccinated, the epidemic will not stop. The vaccine refusers who then become ill impose a burden on the sick care. In this way they displace other concerns. Countries such as Germany, France and the US require measles vaccination for access to childcare and education. With this you convince many people and at a certain point such a measure becomes normal. Likewise, you could require a Covid vaccination for access to the hospitality industry, air travel, and perhaps healthcare facilities. You may limit the rights of those who do not want to be vaccinated, but given the scale of the crisis, that is proportional.

Jos Dute really takes this too far, without indicating that he is an anti-vaxer: “I think you're starting to get lost a bit now. …. ” Then I am tempted to propose just omitting the two words 'a little'. This is a godly demagogy of a learned idiot, who later also dares to talk about her human rights heart. An institution would be the right place for her, perhaps or certainly the closed part of it.

Where the discussion shows that only 1 measure is scientifically substantiated? From the 1,5 meters, the masks, closure of shops, catering establishments, sports facilities to an insane, degrading lockdown, based on inadequate tests and indoctrinating reports in the media (msm), nothing remains intact when independent investigative journalists from the media tycoons come up get to the table what is really going on.
I do not deny the Covid-19 (created or spontaneously formed), you do not want to get it, nor do you have pneumonia, the common flu or a bad cold. And you don't want it on anyone.

But let's go back to one of Toebes' arguments: 'The vaccine refusers who then become ill impose a burden on the sick care. In this way they displace other concerns.'What about smokers, heavy drinkers, football players, winter sports enthusiasts, scuba divers, paratroopers, motorists, firework cutters, obesity patients - through their own fault - people who go up and down the stairs? Do they all withhold the care if something goes wrong, because they make a claim on the care? Oh yes, I almost forgot: force all people who don't want the flu shot? Flu shots that have shown for decades that they cannot beat the flu.

In the winter of 2017/2018, an incapable RIVM counted 9444 flu deaths, without Rutte addressing the people politically. And without closing down a single case. Could it be that when the elections were just over and are now about to break out? It is also noteworthy that the Covid deaths are now (not due to the virus, but due to old age and / or underlying ailments) of the 2e wave simply added to that of the 1e , while we were used to the number of flu cases starting at 0 every autumn.

It is also strange that strict believers always received dispensation on the basis of an ancient assumption when it came to 'compulsory' vaccinations, just like the anthroposophists because of a philosophy of life.

But anti-taxers and conspiracy theorists do not appear to have any health rights, according to both professors of health law. Antivaxers who are justifiably afraid of vaccines that have still not proven themselves, that after more than six months, barely tested, are purchased blind? There are six to more “already approved” vaccines. Let that sink in to you, six after more than six months! Conspiracy thinkers have been in the dark for a long time, precisely because they think. The authorities and the compliant MSM fully admit this. Because every time they name conspiracy THINKERS in this way and thereby - unintentionally - set them off against the then slavish followers of the authority, they indicate that the 'madmen' at least still think. There are slavish followers in all layers of the population, including many prominent figures who are allowed to continuously join the MSM. But also so-called critical people like Youp, the old-fashioned Pipo on the left and the fat on the right, and quite an obese face. He seems to have had corona due to the fact that he is a representative of as many as two risk groups. So he doesn't have to be afraid of anything anymore. But yes, does he know a lot? He has not been sharp for a long time, has been performing the 2 million speed boat in his columns every week for months. Completely in style with the MSM. Can you remember 1 day on which the newspapers had nothing to report about corona from February onwards? Twelve pages a day to brainwash the people has become the norm, apparently is the new normal. Even more pages regularly! The word normal that Toebes also used. If we get compulsorily vaccinated often enough, we will consider it normal. An underestimation of humanity, which is not stupid. The Jews in World War II never got used to the yellow star that was mandatory, not to mention the many compulsory train journeys to camps.
But yes, if Ab Osterhaus is also in charge when it comes to dubious vaccines, then we know enough. In de Volkskrant he stated that he hated people. God, finally have pity on all those too gullible creatures.

Rients Hofstra

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