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Promo: Our new video channel is coming!

It has been almost 3 weeks since we were removed from YouTube. The channel had more than 31.000 subscribers and was on the rise.

An enormous amount of time, energy and love has been put into the channel but, painful as it may be in the beginning, we are done with these censoring bigtechs.

At first we thought ... "We will be posting simultaneously on several other video platforms."

But why not set up your own video channel? When you want something, it will work. It is not due to passion and perseverance. We want to do our part to get the Netherlands out of this absurd situation and move towards a society based on realism, rationality and common sense.

A video site is indispensable for this. Thanks to our videos on YouTube and the community there, we have grown ... Where there is a will, there is always a way.

Here a short promo video:

Due to the many peripheral issues that CSTV entails, something always comes up and because so much is happening in the world, you are constantly working on it.
But in the coming days we will be finishing the finishing touches to launch our video channel. And if all goes well, our new website. Answers to emails may take longer than usual in the next few days ...

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