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Province warns Amsterdam: 472 refugees not included

Every municipality must make a contribution from the government to the reception of asylum seekers.

Surprisingly, it appears that Amsterdam is not sufficiently committed to the reception of refugees, compared to other municipalities in North Holland.

If Amsterdam does not yet meet its share of refugee reception before 1 July 2020, the Province will “Catching up” at the expense (penalty) of the Municipality.

To avoid this fine, Amsterdam will receive 500 extra asylum seekers as quickly as possible, costs of which: 11,5 million euros.

Next question: WHERE in the Municipality of Amsterdam?


Does this mean that too much has been recorded in another city? Or was there a shortage of refugees in the province? Or do we have a national shortage of asylum seekers?

It is all incomprehensible. Bring problems to your neck by bringing in massively young, healthy noise troublemakers. And you can write a website about the consequences.

Share and like as much as possible! This is how we break through censorship together!

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