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The term psychopath often refers to a criminal, a serial killer or a villain.

This is only a limited part of the truth. The reality is that psychopaths often have the ability to hide their true self, to appear as likable as possible. They suffer from a lack of regret, empathy or guilt. They generally lack a conscience. Jan Storms (consciousness expert) gave a clear explanation in an interview with Sander Compagner in the latest edition of De Andere Krant with the subtitle: 'Psychopathy as a characteristic of power.'

A psychopath can completely destroy a person's life and that of the victim's family members, too. Good thinking people are rarely suspicious; they cannot imagine people doing things that don't feel right and at the expense of others.

In addition to various neurological and biological factors, social conditions often play a role in the development of psychopathy. For example, psychopathic criminals often grew up in a family where one parent was missing or where a lot of violence between parents was common.
Public psychopaths with administrative responsibilities often come from families where feelings towards fellow human beings are not present. Many regent families are lovingly raising their own offspring with a tight hand.

Psychopaths are best known for lacking social and moral norms, often having relationships characterized by violence, exploitation or seduction. They have little or no ability to feel empathy and remorse and often react abnormally to fear and pain.

At least one in a hundred people is a psychopath. According to some studies, this is 4 percent. The percentage among (business) leaders is alarmingly high. At 21 percent, they do 'slightly better' than prisoners, where the percentage of psychopaths fluctuates around 20 percent.

Psychopathy is partly in the genes, but it is also partly learned. Psychopaths can 'improve their life', if they want to and if they receive qualitative therapy. But power-hungry people wallow in their power and absolutely don't want to be helped. 'To which?' will be their logical question.
However, psychopaths differ a lot from each other.

Why these explanatory texts and for what purpose? Perhaps a light will already light up here and there.

Do you remember the heartless attitude of 'administrators' towards victims of the Groningen subsidence, due to irresponsible gas drilling? Gas drilling by the NAM, under the responsibility of our government. “On March 29, 2018, Eric Wiebes, Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate, announced after a long drawn out process that gas extraction in Groningen will be completely discontinued by 2030 at the latest. In this way he fulfills the political and social desire to ensure safety and the safety experience in Groningen. This decision will bring an accelerated end to years of gas extraction from Groningen, which has brought the Netherlands a lot of prosperity but at the same time has a downside for the people in Groningen. ” The victims are still left out in the cold, because the NAM cares more about money than the welfare of the victims.

Remember the benefits affair, in which thousands of families wrongly had to return enormous capital. As a result, pure poverty occurred, tensions in relationships exploded and children were the victims.
In the House of Representatives, the debates surrounding the Prime Minister's Alzheimer's behavior were considered more important than a quick solution, with advance payments on the final settlement in the long term. The position of Pieter Omtzigt and openly displayed secret documents were discussed for days, without the responsible people being able to muster any empathy, accompanied by the promise to solve everything in the very short term.

Do you remember the protracted Demmink case? The man who has been accused from left to right and from old to certainly young, but still not tried. Party leaders always lie in front of him to block a course of justice. Henk Krol and the Panorama, later Pieter Omtzigt, were first gagged when they came too close to pedo-porn cases. Party interests and possibly co-accused without conscience are still preferred to young victims who have been traumatized for their lives.

Do you remember the corona hysteria and the illegal measures? Without knowledge and skills and certainly without feeling, a lot of healthy people are driven to stress, with an injection like the old man of Zwarte Piet. Healthy people who, after state and media indoctrination, receive a barely tested (certainly not in the long term), risky and limited efficacy vaccine. Children who are traumatized and have their development inhibited. Adults who are called upon to report relatives if they do not comply with the unconstitutional emergency and emergency laws. Measures that have sown discord, separation between relatives and friends. In addition, healthy companies that fail because of a lack of clientele.

Do you remember ten years of cutbacks in healthcare, everything focused on market forces? 1000 IC beds could be disposed of with the bulky waste, 4 hospitals were allowed to close, thousands of well-trained care workers were fired, the bonuses of the management boards in the care sector were exhausted and the health insurance premium increased, while the care packages were peeling off. Instead of judging the prime minister on this, the propaganda machinery was able to mirror it all in such a way that Rutte dragged us through an aggravated crisis. With dry eyes, he praised the commitment within healthcare, promised an extra amount for the carers in the workplace, of which the first dime has yet to be transferred. With dry eyes, he kept forgetting that he was responsible for the heavy workload due to all previous cutbacks.

Do you remember the formation perils? After a growing nose from our prime minister, nobody wanted to work with him anymore. However, after divide and rule in the Chamber, there is hope for the regents again of a fourth unfortunate Rutte cabinet. After all, folds were ironed out by granting D66 the Presidency of the House, offering Pieter Omtzigt and Wopke Hoekstra a Ministry of their choice and appointing two consecutive (in) formateurs from the PvdA house. Rutte hands in something and can continue with D66, the CDA, the PvdA and something else.

Do you remember genuine empathy among the policymakers responsible for a grab of just 6 out of a well on the misery measures described above?
No, unmoved and lying, the will of administrators were imposed on the Dutch, people had to suffer injustice.

If it has been scientifically proven that 21% of the (company) leaders are psychopaths, I leave it to the reader to look for some suitable names for this percentage. With 21% of 24 ministers, you quickly end up with 5 psychopaths. If the MPs also fall below that percentage, there are also 31,5 unscrupulous. Count out our loss.
A pagan job that search for some names won't be, I'm afraid.

Rients Hofstra


Column Rients Hofstra - Anger and incomprehension

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