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Public Prosecutor dismisses mouth mask fine after defense

An inspiring story

Richard van Beem is a citizen who, like more and more fellow countrymen among us, who understand what is going on here, and stands up for his (fundamental) rights.
On August 5, 2020, Richard went to Rotterdam to demonstrate against Mayor Aboutaleb's illegal trial. Namely, the mandatory wearing of a mouth cap in a number of streets in Rotterdam.
Aboutaleb chose a number of busy areas, including De Lijnbaan, where a mask obligation was introduced. As a test". Against all fundamental rights, as we will see confirmed in this story.
Richard has a boete received for not wearing a mouth cap during the demonstration but Richard successfully challenged the fine with his lawyer from law firm Van der Eijk & Van de Weerd Attorneys.

The case was dropped and Richard did NOT have to pay the fine.

Not a real protester

Richard is not a real protester who goes to every demonstration in the Netherlands. He did attend the Farmers' protest in 2019, but about this specific case, Richard says:

“I thought this was very important because it concerns our fundamental rights.”

“If we can learn one thing from the past, it is that the moment your freedom is being tampered with… then you have to intervene immediately.”, Richard said.

"If you don't, it will take on a life of its own and it will go in the wrong direction."

Richard has 2 children. A daughter and a son. He thinks it is important that people realize that our children should be able to live in freedom.

“If 2 professors make it very clear: You are now violating fundamental rights (source) and you're going to do it anyway? Yes, then you have to salt up.”

A fair statement. A mayor who, fully consciously, violates the constitution and who thinks he is above the law, something must be done about it. Something that is simply not possible and normally, with an honest media, should be widely publicized.

Richard thought that too and he also expected a packed station in Rotterdam once he got there.

“You will not let your fundamental rights be taken away, will you?”

But how big the downer was when Richard saw no one sitting on the train who even looked like a protester. Once arrived in Rotterdam there was nothing to see.

"There was just no one there.", said Richard. “50 people.”

Corona crisis

When this plan came our way in early 2020, Richard also thought: "What is coming our way?"

He explains to Jasper what woke him up and what strange things he saw happening.

“I don't just fall for everything anymore. I saw immediately, this is not correct. We are told lies. And once you see that, you see it reflected in everything. ”

"It is so shocking to see that such a large part of the Netherlands allows itself to be manipulated and misled by lies."

An elusive feeling that we all know all too well here.

That may be the advantage of this one crisis. It may seem different because there are still so many people who inexplicably do that it not yet seen, but numerically, there have never been more people awake than at this moment.

And that group can only grow and will not (anymore) fall as quickly in other government games such as the climate hoax. The next one that awaits us.


Richard says that he and the other protesters were summoned by a police officer De Lijnbaan (De Lijnbaan is a pedestrian shopping street in the center of Rotterdam) not to go up.

The officer told them that they had to wear a mouth cap and otherwise they were not allowed to continue.

The protesters were not interested in that because it goes against the constitution and they demonstrated against it.

"Well after 15 or 20 meters they had a line of policemen but we were so motivated so we went right through it."

But with only 50 men they were again enclosed and they have been there for quite some time. They were not allowed to continue. They were taken hostage.

Richard says that when you, as mayor, ignore the fundamental rights of people and think you are above the law, you should not be surprised that people are going to demonstrate. “And we have done that.”

“If a cop stops you and says you can't continue because of a face mask, don't let that stop you. You demonstrate against that. ”

Again, these are our fundamental rights. It turns out that many people and police officers do not realize this or even put it aside by unjustly imposed fear. It's a dirty game to be played.

“We just went in, we made our voices heard. We just did. We were not aggressive.”

"If you are going to hinder us in our rights then you should not be surprised that people do not accept that.", Richard said.

“The only one who misbehaved was a police officer with sunglasses. And it was really tight. He hit a woman with a club. So what are you doing? That is not freedom. That's dictatorship." continues Richard.

Jasper, who also went to a number of demonstrations, explains that it is something we have seen at almost every demonstration on the Malieveld, among others.

“And they are always peaceful lovely people.” said Jasper.

The images on social media always confirm this. The trouble only starts when the police get involved.

Romeos ruining things and God knows why they do it. Police and riot police hitting innocent civilians. Even veterans had to be involved to protect ordinary citizens.

Everything is recorded on camera. Our website and social media are full of it.

“They probably hoped that one in two people would cross the line here, but they just weren't there.”, Richard said.


After the group was enclosed, everyone had to identify themselves, they were removed from the area and these people were fined. So is Richard. Other people have gone to the police station to file a report, Richard believes.

"I just went home and I thought: Well then the fine will come."

But that fine took a long time to come and Richard was not fined € 95 until March 2021. Richard has no idea why the fine came so late.

This is the fine that Richard received almost 7 months later:

“Now we are going to tackle them”

When Richard received the fine, he immediately called his lawyer and said: "Now we are going to tackle them!"

“This was only proof that I was stopped. I had no further evidence to file a report. "

But now it is and according to Richard there is a criminal offense committed by the police against him (and the other protesters).

“We are held hostage. Our right to demonstrate has been hindered. The constitution has been violated. A laundry list of crimes. And that just has to be continued. ”

"Well, I went against it and it's not like that."

Together with his lawyer, they have filed a defense and the Public Prosecutor indicates that he agrees with Richard.

Richard's lawyer did it for nothing because he thought this was too important.

Richard thanks in the interview his lawyer for this again.

During the interview, Jasper and Richard return to the article in Aboutaleb's newspaper in which the mayor of Rotterdam says that the fine is legally tenable. That is not the case.

This is discussed in detail in the interview. The bottom line is that in this case the mayor can overrule laws but not the constitution.

Acting, as a citizen, against an emergency order that goes against the constitution is NOT punishable.

See here the notice of withdrawal of criminal order.

Public Prosecutor: “FACT NOT PUNISHABLE”

I'll carry on

Richard is happy they won but thinks it's clear that this state is corrupt.

“To ensure that Aboutaleb does not get away with this, I had him prosecuted myself. I have reported several criminal offenses myself. ”

Among other things because of violation of the right of demonstration, hostage taking, violation of the constitution and a number of other cases. "I have now received a message from the Public Prosecution Service that an investigation is underway.", said Richard.

If everyone who has been fined in the Netherlands or in some other way has been "caught" against their fundamental rights and acts as Richard did, then we can really make a difference. It's a big stick to hit with.

The interview goes much further and we recommend that you watch it in its entirety. Jasper and Richard go on to talk about the media, the thoroughly corrupt politics, the BPOC 2020 and more details of his case against Aboutaleb.

A very important message from this interview is when Richard says: "I'll keep going!"

Are you also continuing? Have you also been harmed against your rights? Take them on! We are all right on our side.

We want to say a big thank you to Richard for telling his story and we hope it inspires people. We must do it together! Left or right. White or black. We all want to live and be free.
The law firm with which Richard successfully recovered his fine:
The conversation is about the editors of the ANP. Mr. Staps and Mr. Willems.
The Trouw article about rutte and the condemnation of racism:

Professors about the illegal mouth mask obligation:

Statement of opposition:

Why do they actually want to put on us masks?


The police

You have good and bad people in every layer of society. It will be no different with the police. Others will be different about this. It will also depend on where you live and what experiences you have with the police.

What we can indisputably establish on the basis of so many videos in which police officers and riot police misbehave is that there are really bad police officers. That is worrying. Take a look at the interview below. This needs to be talked about.

The police talk about: "Nice wappies ramming!".

But there are also many good people who are simply misinformed. Watch the BPOC interrogations.

That does not mean that this does not have to be mentioned. Nobody should blame us for that, but writer Marcel van Tol did get the thought police at his door. (source)

This is not our Netherlands as we knew it and we want that beautiful country back.

Joining forces for freedom: Conversation with veterans Ard Daniëls and Madhu Kasi

Richard is also known as the Hofvijver Pangooier.

In the TV broadcast where rutte from the Torentje “speaks” to the country, Richard stood outside making a noise and eventually lost his pan in the Hofvijver.

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