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Respiratory therapist rings the clock about COVID19

This brave respiratory therapist has chosen to step out and tell his story to warn people of how the world is being fooled.

The respiratory therapist has been doing his job for 21 years.

“The numbers don't add up. The proportions are lost. And the consequences of these measures will be incalculable. ”

He explains how people are wrongfully registered as a COVID patient.

“Anyone who comes in here with breathing problems is a COVID case. It doesn't matter if he has stage 4 lung cancer or heart defects. You remain a COVID patient and die as a COVID patient. ”

He also explains that in reality there is no testing for COVID19.

“They don't test for a virus. Normally you get sick and go to the hospital and then you are tested for flu A and B. Flu A is H1N1 that many people died of in 2008. They test you for RSV. Those are really viruses. ”

“This COVID test is different. They test for an RNA sequence of a response to the virus. ” and clearly concerned he adds: “Look this up! Please look it up! They don't test for a virus. There is not one test. It's a PCR test which means it amplifies it. ”

He also says that there is no shortage of fans and he shows how dozens of fans are stored in his workplace.

Knowing that unfortunately there are a lot of people who cannot be convinced with anything, even when they get the evidence in front of them:

So folks, please investigate. They shut off the world. You really need to understand this. The world! We all end up in a situation that we will never get paid off in our lives. And you know about the taxes now. Can you imagine how much our kids will have to pay for this SCAM? You have to search. ”

"Ask questions!"

This video will soon be removed by YouTube. They censor all doctors and experts who come out and tell their story about COVID19. Tomorrow an article and a video about this.

Backup video:

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Last Monday, two prominent doctors gave a press conference about the Coronavirus and about the measures and social distancing.
Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi are owners of the Bakersfield Urgent Care and tested more than 5.200 patients for corona at their facilities. That's more than half of all patients tested in their county.

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Why are we doing this to ourselves? Why are we so incredibly stupid?

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