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Prick location: the false Mecca of the mRNA slaves

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Prick location: the false Mecca of the mRNA slaves

I live somewhere near our city's only priktemple, once our gymnasium.

The original stronghold of health welcomed the first athletes more than 3 years ago. The new building turned out to be a hit. The approximately 40-year-old building would no longer have been able to meet the latest sports requirements, say casual policymakers. From fitness to team sports, from yoga to gym for the elderly. Everyone could go there, after all, everything in the context of health and (strenuous) relaxation.

But a year and a half ago, all these types of locations (from open stadiums to spaces for more than 10 people, except the very closed churches) were locked on the orders of Rutte and De Jonge. Our sports hall (like all buildings) would be a source of floating and somersaulting viruses of indeterminate origin. Until De Jonge, supported by Sywert and made possible by the undemocratically imposed emergency laws, ordered test streets of dubious allure to be set up all over the country.

Our sports hall became a test street plan. On dubious grounds indeed, because Drosten's tests, as a gift from Satan for the pharma, indicated every person with a random virus as positive. And that in turn was negative, because very healthy people would suddenly be very ill. (A healthy Cillissen was kicked out of the national football team because he tested positive!) Despite the evidence (from the inventor of the PCR test, Mr. Kary Mullis, among others) that the PCR test cannot detect viruses and certainly not Covid- 19. After all, Kary Mullis had been dead for a year before Wuhan let the flu variant in question escape.

It is striking in this connection that many people were/are tested positive, but because of their explicit wish or an 'other' necessity not to be ill, a few days later, as if by magic, they turned out to be negative. Great for those people, but the question arises again: how reliable is that silly cotton swab? Not at all according to independent scientists.

Back to the just mentioned 'once' sports hall. The municipality had to set up a puncture site, after 4 different pharmaceutical giants almost simultaneously and of course separately from each other, had a barely tested answer to the life-threatening killer, which afterwards - well concealed from the masses - caused slightly more victims than the ordinary flu. Please note: the people who died with the so-called proven virus are definitely not counted by the Chinese jumper.

The jab was planned in the very large sports building, once intended for healthy movement, later dictatorially confiscated to test healthy people and now destined by criminals to give fearful brainwashed people a syringe that you will never get rid of. Vaccines of dubious quality, while existing resources should have been used extremely effectively. Agents such as HCQ and Ivermectin, which have proven their usefulness and effect for years and whose side effects were known, but in contrast to the mRNA injections were/are manageable. Those resources already existed and were extremely cheap. The patents had most likely already expired, so there was not much to be gained from it.

Our great congregation, in all its ignorance, consulted a crystal ball before the first puncture was made here. The parking lots (at least 200 places) around the sports hall, more than sufficient for the many athletes, turned out to be too small for the huge influx of desperate people. A completely new site for another 75 cars had to be added. Eight existing places were provided with a disabled sign.

And then it got busy, not so much in that extra parking lot, but in and around the sports hall. The 'lucky ones' were able to get their first and a little later their second shot. The happiness of the indoctrinated people radiated through the mouth caps. After the 'healthy' injection, some people temporarily lowered that cloth to light a cigarette. How are they protected against a virus that has never been isolated? How healthy with a shot? Happy to celebrate the injection as if the cocktail also contained a substance against lung cancer.

It is remarkable that ambulances regularly go on and off with screaming sirens. Intermediate station the injection location, final destination in most cases the hospital.
Everything seems to be well arranged, it is even to be feared that 'overwell' is arranged. People with a slight disability are deployed daily to guide as many motorists as possible to the unnecessary new parking lot. The temporary terrain, which may remain forever if the emergency law bosses in their goodness decide that from now on the injected must still get 2 injections every year against all kinds of vague variants, if they have not already succumbed to the side effects that have been kept quiet for now.

So everything was well arranged, until it turned out to me that a female in her 70s was sad in the scorching sun. She had an appointment for 10 o'clock. Turned out the door was closed and didn't open until 13pm. The female had been operated on several times, had a stoma and was taken by taxi. If she had called the taxi to take her home and take her to the pickers again at 13 pm, the 2nd return ticket was at her own expense. She couldn't afford that. But if she sat there waiting, the 'drain bag' would overflow on her stomach, resulting in unpleasant-smelling wet spots. Fortunately, a caregiver was able to pick her up and bring her back later. Technically, the government has arranged a lot well, but the human touch is also lacking here. It is too much to ask for neatly changed opening hours. Wearing punctures is the assignment, apparently at the expense of humanity in all areas!

I felt sorry for this lady, but certainly not for the besotted on bicycles who arrived at the spray arena with half a bivouac face mask under their eyes. Not even with the motorists who think they have to mouth baskets solo in the car.
But even after Saint Hugo deemed the masks no longer necessary, the dazed keep getting the jab. A year and a half of lying, cheating and indoctrinating the masses has apparently been successful. The fear that has been talked about is now deeply rooted.

For example, you can see how a sports hall has been transformed into a spraying hall, where healthy (sports) has to make way for concealed ill-health in the upper arm of deceived people.

Each successive “pandemic” is going to hit the masses like the needle of any syringe in the arm of an unwilling person.

Rients Hofstra

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