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Letter to all Dutch - Put calmly into perspective

Yesterday we received an email that we would like to share. After asking permission, we can place it. 

Quietly put into perspective in dark times

I am currently bothered that on a number of alternative channels people are pretending that this can still go in all directions, while the signs on the wall do not leave much to be desired.

Our middle class, people who have often invested a lot in the old reality, do not want to know about the danger of our current situation and its implications for our very near future, "The new normal" say.

That fun rummaging about the virus and that “Crazy conspiracy theorists” slowly hangs out of my throat.

The above two parties do more harm than good with their misplaced attitude, I wonder if others see it that way?

While the media has gone through all its stops and we have to make do with their alarmist and sensationalistic reporting, there is a tendency for a number of alternative media channels to appear perspective and, above all, calm.

Now I'm not saying screaming and scaring people is the right tactic here, but the perspective of many media outlets downplaying the severity of the situation we find ourselves in, is doing more harm than good in times like this.

We are in a runaway political system, a burning house, a burning Netherlands, Europe and a burning world, and then we are first told to see if the flames are real, and whether the fire is really that hot we also need to act.

Fortunately, in this day and age you can also hear the more obscure sounds like those of London Real / David Icke and our own Jensen, who hardly mince their words.

So I will just give it a little nuance myself:

"If you do not yet see that we are massively distracted with the panic and hysteria that is consciously and effectively unleashed on us, then you have shit in your eyes!" YES SHIT!

If a terrorist attack has been committed, then all the noses of the media must point in the same direction, there should not be panic, there will be media briefings by the Prime Minister and each news channel will publish its own moderate version of it.

Now it is one “Free-for-all media frenzy”, the mainstream media can shout what they want, publish what they want in an extremely alarmistic tone, give sensationalism without inhibitions and cause total panic.

That is now suddenly allowed? Why? And what is happening in the meantime?

5G is being pushed through as quickly as possible, many towers are being erected in England now that everyone is inside, it has to be done as quickly as possible, also in the Netherlands. Have we been asked about that?

People are already talking about the abolition of cash.

We want to be tracked with our mobile phones. Leave at home? “Traceability obligation !!” Haven't heard of it yet? Just wait for it.

Suddenly we all have to be vaccinated (again), now with a free chip! "Brought to you by Bill Gates and Gavi".

All kinds of unpopular measures such as nitrogen policy are pushed through quickly, protesting is not allowed with the ban on gathering.

Prohibition of gathering? It is talked about Social distancing en "Lockdown" to get around the fascist connotations that the word prohibition of gathering evokes, imagine people get the wrong thoughts!

Our middle class is also wiped out here, but they prefer not to see it that way, they should not have any of it "Kiss pirassia" theories, they cling to the hope that it will end soon and everything will go back to the old.

I can't blame them, they have invested a lot of money, effort and often love in their businesses and now see it all pass away.

That is why it should not be said here either, and we should keep thinking best of the EU and our political leaders, and wait for it to get better, wait for…

Yes until when? Until it is really clear? Until they implement all unpopular measures and take away our freedoms?

Is that the time when these “put things into perspective” media will hit a harder tone, and the middle class will shout enough is enough?

Do we really have to mix everything up before we open our eyes?
In a time like this, putting things into perspective is very dangerous, no longer like wishful thinking.

Instead of massively denouncing this worldwide coup, we prefer to sing lullabies.
As long as the children don't wake up.

Imagine they get worried!

Sjors Buitenweg

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