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Column: “Q” and the DEEP STATE

We, at CommonSense TV, always watch what's going on in the comments.

Yesterday we noticed an interesting thread about “Qanon”:
An Insider within the United States Government who is believed to leak cryptic secrets to the outside world about the Deep State.

The Deep State has fascinated me for a long time. The Deep State, as I know it, is mostly made up of high-level officials and organizations operating around democracy: Nobody has elected them, but they do determine much of the policy.

This “secret” power was also treated in VWO Social Studies, as “a potential source of power by the (higher) civil service” or “5th power”.

A Deep State is not as bizarre “Conspiracy Theory” as it may seem and can take many forms such as:

  • The mother of a French king directs people behind the scenes to prevent her son from implementing a specific policy effectively
  • A senior civil servant who deliberately lingers or makes mistakes to sabotage the implementation of (by their) unwanted policy.
  • Influential organizations, companies, banks, etc. that bribe and / or pressure politicians to shape the country.


Q of Qanon is specifically about the fight against the US Deep State, under Donald J. Trump.

The most concrete results in this area can be seen in the near-complete Reformation of the Judiciary, as Trump has filled more than 240 court seats with Conservative / Nationalist judges, making it increasingly difficult for the “Left” and Liberals to block laws through a lawsuit.

In addition, there would also be "Operation Zephyr", in which countless celebrities have been quarantined under the excuse of corona, so that they can cause less damage via the media.

Zephyr may be true, but at least the most hilarious so far:

Countless of those quarantine celebrities present NIKS without their producers and embarrass themselves on the internet, like Madonna in her rose bath or the celebs who “Imagine there are no borders” went to sing.

Qanon should be taken with a grain of salt, since several people POSE AS “Q” and some theories (Satan-Pope Alliance) go very far.

See also:

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