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Quarantine refusers end up in the deportation center in Eisenhüttenstadt

Quarantine refusers face heavy fines in Brandenburg. If they repeatedly ignore the order, they could even be forced to be interned - behind bars. In extreme cases, the deportation center in Eisenhüttenstadt is available for this.

It is unimaginable but true. You will be put in a deportation camp if you have had the flu. A flu variant that survives 99,98%.

Since May, some 30 Brandenburgers, usually with force and force, have been detained in a quarantine station for not complying with the imposed corona quarantine.

Detention center for deportation in Eisenhüttenstadt.

The quarantine facility moved to the former in June detention center for deportation in Eisenhüttenstadt.

Women and men can be accommodated separately. People stay in the facility as long as they are in be quarantine .

Anyone who repeatedly fails to comply with the quarantine issued by the local health authorities in connection with the Covid 19 pandemic will be registered with the central quarantine breakers office.

"It's the last resort", said Gabriel Hesse, spokesman for the Ministry of Health. In the period from May to the end of the year, a total of 223 quarantine violations were found in three districts.

If a warning is not observed and a court order is available, the person concerned is collected without further notice and taken to the institution.

Yesterday the Stasi also ended a birthday party.

A 24-year-old woman invited some people to celebrate. After investigation it turned out that the woman should have been in quarantine. “Classified as first degree contact person. ”



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