Racist WOKE education in public schools

Racism as a teaching material

Less than a year ago, Elana Fishbein was a happy stay-at-home mom raising her three boys in a middle-class Philadelphia suburb.

She noted that the school where two of her boys went to gave some classes to her children who were, to say the least, quite politically biased. A wise and responsible mother, she managed to keep her children away from those lessons.

But in June 2020, she saw no choice but to stand up and take action.

After the protests and riots sparked by the death of career criminal George Floyd in Minnesota, the school gave new classes called 'cultural proficiency' from.

“My husband and I looked at the lesson plan and opened the links to the books they had included for the lesson plan. We were deeply shocked because they were totally racist.” she told Elena to The Epoch Times. (source)

This led to the launch of an organization against this woke culture. The organization now runs branches in nearly half of the states of America, and tens of thousands of people have joined.

From the woke school material Fishbein examined, the children are subjected to quazi-Marxist ideologies that divide society into the “oppressors” and the “oppressed” based on characteristics such as race, gender, class or sexual inclinations.

The term 'woke' (wake up, the irony) supports the critical race theory (CRT). This is just one of the ideologies operating within this framework. (source) (source)

Fishbein immediately retrieved her children and sent an outraged letter to the school district director. Read the letter here

“The material selected for this indoctrination pumps their brains with LIES that burden them unbearably emotionally for years”, she wrote, bolstering her argument with a doctorate in child welfare ( pdf ). “Why do our kids have to feel villainous and hate themselves for something they had no control over – the color/pigmentation of their skin?!?”

“They do to us what they told us not to do to others”, said her 9-year-old son according to the letter.

Her children didn't return to school in the fall—a decision she'd made before she learned of the new curriculum.

“I was just a happy mother. But someone decided to destroy the lives of my children and many other children”, she said.

Since no one responded to her letter, she posted it to the school's parents' Facebook page and asked others what they thought of it.

The reaction surprised her.

“I was called racist, bigoted and homophobic and whatever”, she said.

Her post was subsequently deleted.

She tried several other local Facebook pages with similar results.

“I became complete”, she said. “They don't even talk about it. They just make you out for everything.”

She contacted her boyfriend at a conservative-leaning news channel who agreed to publish a story about her experience.

It was then that people with similar problems began to contact her.

“They all told me they are afraid to say something”, she said.

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Turning point

This was the turning point for her.

"This is ridiculous", she said to herself. “This is going to take over our country. They attack our children. They attack our families, our values, our way of life and we just sit down and take the bullet? And people are just scared? Just because someone calls you a racist?”

At that time, at the end of August, 'it hit me… and I launched a movement', she said.

She gathered in her living room some parents who had contacted her and she shared her idea with them.

“Are you a racist? If you're a racist, I understand, but if you're not a racist, why don't you stand up for your child and for your family?” she told them.

In mid-September she was invited to “Tucker Carlson Tonight” from Fox News after someone forwarded the first article about Fishbein to the show.
Elana Fishbein.

Excerpt from the show:



Gabrielle Clark

Gabrielle Clark had a son who was in his senior year at the Agassi Campus charter school in Las Vegas.

Court documents revealed that the school launched a series of classes in late August asking students to “label and identify” which groups they belonged to based on race, gender, religion and household income. The teacher who led the lessons then pasted the labels “privileged” en “oppressive” versus “suppressed” to the groups, according to court documents. (pdf).

In the week after the show aired, her little Facebook page called " No Left Turn in Education more than a million visitors.

Tens of thousands of people reached her with their fears and worries.

“They were tormented. And many of them said, "We would like to do something, but we don't know what to do."' she said.

Shortly after, the organization launched its first lawsuit after Fishbein put a Nevada mother in touch with an attorney.

Privilege was defined as “the inherent belief in the inferiority of the oppressed group”, terwijl “oppression” was defined as “Malicious or unjust treatment or exercise of power”.

While Clark is a black single mother of five, her son William inherited blond hair, green eyes and fair skin from his late father. It turned out that the young man almost all “privileged” and “oppressive” checkboxes got colored.

The teacher also instructed the students that they should "unlearning" and "fighting back" against ooppressive structures that are supposedly implicit in their family arrangements, religious beliefs, race and gender, the court documents say. (see bottom of this article)

Clark refused to accept this.

“All I could think of was, 'How on earth is my son supposed to function normally in his life with his siblings and with his mother, bearing in mind that he is somehow privileged and oppressed us? ' I couldn't allow my son to feel that way about himself," she said during a March interview with the YouTube channel "The Reason We Learn." (source)

Her son refused to attend the classes and complete the associated assignments and thus failed, which would lead to his failure to obtain his degree. The family begged the school to let him take an alternative class, but the school refused.

In December, the family filed suit, alleging that the constitutional rights of both William and his mother had been violated and that a government-funded school would do nothing to make moral judgments on students based on their identities and force them to participate. take in the exercise, much less to some of the traditional values that they have learned to unlearn at home.

The school hired a powerful law firm and responded by saying that Clark's son didn't really face any adverse measures and only tried to avoid classes he didn't enjoy.

But two expert witnesses presented by Clark concluded that the teaching materials were indeed discriminatory.

“The teaching material seems to teach critical race theory both morally superior and factual, rather than as a theory.” concluded Ilana Redstone, associate professor of sociology at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, in its expert opinion ( pdf ).

Such school material that places students in a hierarchy based on immutable identities is “unacceptable and discriminatory”, said Redstone, a specialist in “political polarization, diversity of views and communication across ideological divides.”

“This material naturally pits students against each other based on their race and gender (and other identities)”, wrote the other witness, Erec Smith, associate professor of Rhetoric and Composition at York College of Pennsylvania ( pdf ).

The school did not respond to a request for comment.

Clark is now the head of the department Nevada no left turn.

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Organizing parents

“The group helps parents resist WOKE education based on a strategy of four “Es”, said Fishbain.

“We train them, then we empower them, then we engage them, and eventually we're going to wipe this whole thing out.”

The group provides legal aid, offers modeling curricula and even model legislation to ban CRT from schools, as some states have already done.

“It also helps parents make freedom of information requests to obtain school materials, especially when schools refuse to disclose what is happening in their classrooms,” said Fishbain.

“A lot of our work is exposing what's going on.”

The next step is to explain to parents what they can do about the influence of the racist WOKE agenda they find in their children's schools.

“We inform them about the importance of the school board, the role of the school board, and who makes the decision about the curriculum, who makes the decision about what books go into your child's class, what lesson plan, what trainers to hire [ who spread the ideologies], how much money they pay to come brainwash your children and poison their minds and hearts,” said Fishbain.

She has compiled a list of nearly 100 "euphemisms" used by these vigilant proponents to help people decipher the meaning of the jargon-laden material used by schools.

The group plans to launch a new website within a few weeks that will make available all the various materials and advice and testimonials from parents, students and teachers.

“One of the most crucial points is to help people come together and organize themselves,” she said.

"It's really almost impossible to just face this whole machine."

http://Agassi Campus-charterschool

This is an inspiring story and, despite the seriousness of the matter, it is incredibly beautiful to see how people stand up to defend themselves and others.

The training of this WOKE generation is also underway in the Netherlands. Although in a slightly different form, it all comes down to the same thing and serves what they intend to do with us as citizens of the world.

The Tucker Carlson interview in particular shows that most people are simply afraid to speak their mind. WOKE is radical. The people who just want to live with common sense are not and now suddenly have to fight.

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My experience

Maybe I can share my experience and it helps people who feel lonely and lost in their environment because it seems like you are the only one who doesn't see them flying yet?

It will be different per city or district but I had the exact same feeling.

Besides that I deal with CommonSenseTV, pretty much from when I wake up until I go to sleep (lately with some bad days in between. Some say a burnout, I have no idea but I try to take more rest), I try also to do something in my immediate environment to make our lives more enjoyable and to help open people's eyes. What I don't do is impose myself and if there is a discussion, if you scream you have lost.

We seem to be alone, but there is a huge majority somewhere in the middle who are certainly not crazy but just have to see the facts in peace.

Besides that I try, often with complete strangers or people you know because you greet each other nicely on the street, to talk about the theme (I will never impose myself and if they don't want it, we continue our conversation about small things) I went online with a friend of mine to find people who think the same in the village. I started to meet with those people for a drink. What a relief it is to finally be surrounded by these people!

And you find out that you are far from alone, only many people keep it to themselves and are afraid of the fines and social pressure.

That group automatically grows and it is contagious.

Face masks are also mandatory on the street here. You don't know what you see. It's like comedy capers and every day you walk on the street with increasing amazement.

I've never worn one, not even to try.

Will one of us be fined? We will not pay the fine and we have agreed to challenge any sanctions together. If a situation arises for one of us, in whatever way, that one of us does have to pay immediately, even if we don't know what for, then we support each other so that it is a pittance. But we're fighting it.

We enter stores where we want to buy something and where the mouth caps are of course mandatory, it says on all doors, and we normally go shopping. Some say nothing and just help you. You see others doubting and we ask where that doubt comes from. Still others almost drive you out of the tent.

They are private spaces so they have the right but do not realize that they can waive the duty in their business.

Since El Estado de Alarma has been withdrawn, I don't think face masks should be made mandatory in public places or on the street, most people don't know that because they aren't told on television. Even the police have no idea. We also confront people with that. Look at Richard van Beem who did not have to pay his fine. Encourage everyone to do the same. That's resistance. Why doesn't everyone who has been fined do the same?

We now have a group of friends of about 15 men. This has been going on for a few months now. Miraculously. Not a single fine yet. We don't look for them either and your world is smaller than before, but I and others have regularly encountered police. We greet and move on.

We're actually waiting to see how it plays out if you challenge him like We don't often all get together at the same time because everyone has their lives and different working hours etc, but once we get together we clearly show that we flout all the rules without seem intimidating.

This works. At some stores you could already enter without a mask because the owner had sufficient common sense and was well informed. Even pharmacists. You can almost see them getting happy when you enter as if you are reminding them of freedom. In a number of stores where we were previously not welcome, we are now also allowed to enter.

In this way you are no longer alone, you create more freedom, you have new friends with whom you can have a drink in the sun, you feel stronger and you know that you want to do the right thing from your heart and you see it works. That is satisfying and it works like an oil slick. If every municipality could organize such a group with chapters throughout the country… That would be great.

You just have to dare to do something once, which seems like a big step after having lived easily for decades, for example to challenge your fine and stand up for your rights and, above all, to propagate it. Furthermore, you don't have to feel guilty for "doing nothing". You do a lot by continuing to tell the truth and continue to radiate that you are not going along with this. No one expects you to go into battle with shield and sword. These are different times and it's a different kind of warfare. You often do a lot more than you think.


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