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Radio Glacier in conversation with writer Rients Hofstra

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Radio Glacier in conversation with our own Rients Hofstra

In recent years, Rients Hofstra has mainly immersed himself in Dutch politics. He devoted a series of books to it which he calls the 'Plush Revolution'. For years, Rients has been arguing for an alternative polity because he is convinced that politics no longer works as it does now and that it has even become undemocratic.

In the second try-out of Radio Gletsjer, Rients gives his vision on his polity and podcasters Niels Lunsing & Merlyn van Dobben ask about the practical feasibility.

In addition to the passion Rients has for politics, he does have a spiritual side. Rients told that he had a number of

saw a UFO years ago. 'A ball of light that hovered above in the sky and disappeared again with a gigantic speed'. The phenomenon of crop circles is also not unknown to Rients. He has read a book by Janet Ossebaard who has studied it for years. Merlyn shows in the broadcast a photo of a crop circle that was discovered today (3-8-2021) in England.


From the political arena, the conversation is shifting to health and education. Rients clearly sees that there are interests from the pharmaceutical industry and gives an example in which he sketches a story of a visit to the GP with his son.

As a former primary school teacher, Rients gives his view on a news item that concerned Niels.

A mother would have gone to court to ensure that her daughter can still go on to HAVO instead of VMBO. According to Rients, this is not a recent trend, but this also happened twenty years ago when he was still in front of the class. Teachers are much better able to assess what a child can do, according to Rients. For example, parents also think that their child never does anything wrong and always sits well in class.

A nice open conversation with writer Rients Hofstra about politics, education, spirituality and health care.

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