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Again judicial investigation into Salvini

Matteo Salvini, the former Interior Minister of Italy, is once again facing a PROCESS in connection with his blockade at sea against ships full of migrants.

He is HAGUEFUL for his action against the rescue ship Open Arms a few months ago, wrote the leader of Lega Nord yesterday on Twitter.

Salvini says that it does not allow itself to be intimidated.

It is certainly the THIRD time that the Public Prosecution Service has attempted to take steps against him over Salvini's ban on mooring ships with mainly African migrants.

According to media reports, a COURT in Palermo submitted a request to the SENATE in Rome to waive the inviolability of the politician.

WITHOUT that cancellation, NO trial can be conducted against him.

Salvini blocked the ship of the Spanish relief organization in August 2019 for three weeks. Migrants would have jumped into the Mediterranean out of desperation.

Eventually the asylum seekers went ashore on the island of Lampedusa. The coalition government with Matteo Salvini as the interior minister went wild that same month.

YESTERDAY, another ship with fortune seekers was refused by Italy and Malta.

Matteo Salvini tweeted:

I do not want to see this boat enter the ports of Italy. I will be summoned again for this statement, but I don't care. I'm afraid of nothing and nobody. I've done it before and will continue to do it.

Eventually it became known that the boat can still moor today in Pozzalo, Sicily.

Migrant ship:



See here the right-wing ally and competitor of Salvini Georgia Melon of Fratelli d'Italia!

Right-wing conservative Meloni: "I am Giorgia and I am unstoppable!"


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