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For once… Read the Volkskrant!

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Teun van de Keuken posted this column in the Volkskrant ..

I have no judgment on this columnist. I don't know Teun and I've never read anything from him. Not disrespectful. There are days when I miss the Volkskrant or het Parool.

But I would like to share these with you:

Why is corona more important than cancer?

By Teun from the Kitchen.

“A few weeks ago, the NOS the news that there were more leg amputations than usual in corona times. Take the Amphia Hospital in Breda. In other years, certain foot complaints led to leg amputations in 15 percent of the cases, now it was 42 percent. These are patients who had waited too long to go to hospital with a wound on the foot. A doctor from the hospital: "One of the main reasons is the fear created to ask for care." She says that patients did not dare to go to the doctor or could only get a telephone consultation: 'But you really have to see these patients to determine how serious the wound is.'

This confirms what I heard elsewhere. A friend of mine had a hernia for months because she was diagnosed incorrectly by phone and was not allowed to visit the doctor. I also spoke to a neurologist who normally treats a lot of strokes. Suddenly people with a stroke stayed away. Probably because she no longer dared to come to the hospital. Or were not referred. How is that possible?"

And further on:

… And therefore also cancer. Last week became known that five thousand fewer cancer diagnoses were made in the spring than in the past ten years. Five thousand! That is shocking. We all know that an early diagnosis of cancer can mean the difference between life or death… ”

Read the entire column by Teun van de Keuken here.

A column full of many truths. One with, how arrogant it will sound, truths that make sense and have warned people about for ages. And this is just one example of the many consequences of this disastrous policy.

We thought that everyone would see that immediately, but apparently with not enough people. See our situation.

We start to cheer when another “influential person” wakes up.

But that will go faster.

The measures are rapidly deteriorating public health, the economy and our personal life, which is, in all aspects, very negatively affected.

We can at least speak of a considerable and growing popular depression.

Now we notice that already and in a few weeks ...

Consequences as described in Teun's column will only really spread like a pandemic if it is not stopped. Not that virus.

These, and other fatal consequences that make you suddenly think, “oh yeah! of course that will also go wrong! ”, spread like an oil slick.

The damage this government has done to us, along with the media, is enormous.

We will be wide awake by reality in the near future.

This policy must and will be slowed down very hard. Good or bad - Because the inevitable result of people getting it will be to force the government. Because “other” people also wake up.

We will see and read that already this week.

Teun from the Kitchen

Spread the freedom!

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