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Real heroes in politics. They still exist!

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Real heroes in politics. They still exist!

The Austrian politician Dagmar Belakowitsch-Jenewein of the FPÖ.

She studied medicine at the University of Vienna and the University of Graz and graduated as Dr. med. univ. She became a board member of the local party in Vienna in 2006 and was elected to the National Council the same year. She followed in 2008 Barbara Rosenkranz as chairman of the Health Committee. (source)

Here is an excerpt from a debate about the Green vaccination passports in the Austrian House of Representatives.

"Do not violate our children, because then you will really feel the resistance!"


Episode 347 by Robert Jensen


New politics?

I've had it with politicians.

That has been the case for a while, but when there is a political party or figure who says they want to overhaul this entire (political) system, it becomes interesting again for me. 

I am not an anarchist. This old political system is simply not functioning and can never again be in the service of the people. You will immediately end up in the political mill and if you, as a new party, come in with sincerity, when you grow you will get all those career politicians in your party to fill up. Watch the FvD. What weak people pretending to be warriors for the people sat there. That break said it all.

With the traditional parties, this filling is mainly for their CV as a stepping stone to something completely different and have no idea what is going on in the world. I do not yet understand what inspired those losers, who have since left, at the FvD. False prophets. Not really wanting to fight, but mainly own interests.

Party politics does not work in my view. And then also ...

A Minister of Health with a CV that only mentions a primary school teacher? That's not right, isn't it? A child understands that, but many adult Dutch people do not.

To portray someone as Secretary of Defense who has never held a water gun but is there because it is “her turn”? There must be an old General or some other person with a good track record.

Is this politics as it should be? Is that how a country should be run? I do not think so.

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How exactly should it work, that politics? There are plenty of people with brilliant ideas about it. Take the business cabinet or the Alternative State System of Rients Hofstra.

With honest people around the table who actually want to set up a democracy, a real democracy for the people, it is possible to make something beautiful out of it. But then you have to tear yourself away from the highest powers and become self-sufficient as a country and start doing business independently.

We'll work it out with Putin. Oh .. I can't say that because we are already listed somewhere as a “Pro-Russia” fake site.

Is Thierry Baudet really serious?

Although I had been disappointed in Thierry Baudet, who has done a lot for the Netherlands by being the first since 2002 to show real common sense in the House of Representatives again and therefore also to a part of the people who look beyond the media, I have hope in him again.

I have regularly written that politicians who really believe that this system does not work and who are in opposition with the people and not only in the House of Representatives show that they have real ideals .. You have to get the people moving.

If you let the people know that there is a political party behind them and not cheat them, it can give a huge boost to the awake people to get moving and it will inspire many people. Precisely because this whole common sense movement is so peaceful and has the truth on their side. An example of how to keep your back straight without any form of violence.

Whatever the media shows you. The real images are undeniable. And the misery during demonstrations always came when the police got involved. No police, no violence. And about Eindhoven. Yeah, tackle that scum. But the media write that to the common people. A crime. A humiliation.

Thierry Baudet says: "I will never stop!". With this I assume that he is now mainly referring to unmasking this corona madness. He was also the one who said from the start that he wanted to break free from that terrible EU.

I believe he dreams of a sovereign Netherlands as he sometimes shows in videos. It is such a dreamer, in that respect and I want that country too. He also makes it clear that he thinks this corona hysteria is big BS and we need that.

I don't really see any career politicians in Baudet.

The flag of the FvD with names of free media and Virus madness on it is a symbol that shows that you are on the side of the people. It is hopeful that the FvD, even after the campaign, will take to the streets and go among the people. It can be a huge boost for people outside of politics who are also done with this total madness. So keep it up Thierry. Don't disappoint us and get good people behind you.

We would see more like in the above video of the brave Austrian politician.

Not for the spectacle, but we are at a very critical point in history. As Baudet himself says: "This is the fight of our lives!"


And now a commercial break:

No further comment. Lost my respect.

House of Representatives Corona rules

Then the absurd measures and rules in the House of Representatives.

It's the most bizarre thing I've ever seen in politics. Complete madness. Crazy. Hustle for a pat on the back. Unbelievable, what did we end up in?

What kind of hypocrisy is this? Meanwhile, half the world has been partying for a long time and then look at this scene. Just get the picture for you of Grapperhaus' party.

I think that Thierry pats him on the back again here is the best response you can give. I don't know if everyone will agree, but any rule based on a PCR test, because that's the gist, must be made fun of. Because it doesn't work! Easy. It undermines the whole coronas fairy tale. Immeasurable, as Fuellmich said. (source)

Wybren van Haga is not a man who will raise his voice quickly, but he should have made chop of this Jan Maarten Paternotte of the D66. He didn't. Very softly.


Resistance to vaccination is growing

There is still something to happen.

Another positive development is that football players of the Dutch national football team do not want to be vaccinated and let's hope that they will stand and come out with their names and shames.

The chance to have your life ruined by a syringe against something that cannot kill you? Then you take it on your 69th. One year before you enter the so-called risk group. But once you are 69 you have already experienced that these vaccinations, which are not vaccinations, had a completely different purpose, so why rush? Just look at it for a few years. And if we all do that, which would be very sensible, they can put their rules in their ****.

Jensen revealed yesterday that, according to official figures, 14 people have died of corona under the age of 30. Regardless of whether corona is just the flu or not and assume that all those people, each one, had an underlying condition. 14 people in 17.8 million people. Oh, if only every citizen was able to put statistics in the right context. Then nothing would have happened. But unfortunately. We are not that far yet.

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Then there will inevitably come a moment when famous people, and therefore also famous Dutch people, die from this vaccine. That is not a positive development, although they have made the choice themselves, but what will it bring about?

The Cypriot model recently passed away from the Astra Zeneca vaccine at the age of 27. The whole story can be read here:

Then comes another tough one for The Great Reset psychos who want to spray us all: They come for our children. And as we saw in the introductory video: Do ​​not touch children. Not even from famous people because mothers in particular will choose their child over their career and once they see the undeniable dangers of these vaccines… Plus we don't know what it will do to us in the long term.

Here is another example of such a power woman. A researcher from the Pharma industry who mainly researches vaccines addresses Dr. Fauci:



Whoever reads this. Think. You can only make the right decision once.

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