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Real stars and top athletes with integrity. They still exist!

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Real personalities still exist

For example Cole Beasley, a professional NFL American Football player in America.

The NFL has turned out to be a politically colored and destructive organization that imposes absurd corona measures and deprives players of their rights if they do not allow themselves to be injected with an experimental substance to force them to obey.

“The NFL? A big joke!”, said star Beasley.

Cole Beasley

Despite the pressure that especially famous people and sports stars undergo when they are not in line, this real star is not fooled by the covid hysteria and does not join this life-threatening vaccination cult. He adamantly refuses to be vaccinated.

“If anyone is afraid of me, stay away from me or get vaccinated. Period.", said Beasley.

Excerpt (subtitled):


A smart comment. The media and governments worldwide are creating so much confusion and talking people down that those who are not vaccinated are “egoists”.

That you do it for "another".

Indoctrination on a level never seen before in modern history.

It's the biggest nonsense you can think of. If you are vaccinated, why talk to someone else about it? Are you vaccinated? And if the vaccine doesn't work? Why would he or she get vaccinated?

Everyone, even the most persistent media followers, would understand this until early 2020.

Confusion is the goal. That's why the people you and I know have also taken the plunge. Something they would not have thought possible 2 years ago.

But because the media, and the entire corrupt gang behind this plan, confuses people by reporting that the vaccine "doesn't always work," people can no longer make sense of things. And that is exactly the intention. Rational thinking is taken away from people by this mass indoctrination.

Statements like “The vaccine works for 70%.”, are absurd conclusions. How then 70%? In only 70% of the vaccinated? Or does that mean you still have a 30% chance of contracting the virus?

You normally don't fool anyone with this, but… we live in 2021. An era in which everyone can gain knowledge if he or she wants to. An era where we can know and research everything if we want to, but we have experienced firsthand that you can tell the population what you want today. The intellectual laziness is indescribable.

Dutch athletes and celebrities

Dutch sports stars and celebrities: We know you're here.

We know that there are some of you who are well aware of what is going on here or at least think logically and know that "something is not right here".

Unfortunately, most of you are too cowardly to carry this out.

Afraid of the career. Afraid of the media. Afraid of not getting the attention you want anymore.

But at the end of the ride, you'll regret not stepping out.

The truth always overtakes the lie. And you know that truth but say nothing.

People are sheep. They bump into the media just as easily as their favorite sports star or singer.

If you as a star know that you are right, then you are only worth something if you show what you stand for as a real star.

But unfortunately. We see them very little. Too scared of media pressure. Too scared for their career. Too afraid to do the right thing and radiate it. While this is so important right now.

Too bad, because in the end those who speak out will become the heroes and those who remain silent will be seen as collaborators.

Anyone who knows history knows that, for example, the rise of Nazism, for example, was only possible because people were silent. And history repeats itself.

An example of a hero: Michael Fritsch

This German police commissioner spoke the truth and it cost him his job and he was demonized by his own government and the German media. He was bullied and bullied.

But he did and this Michael Fritsch will go down in history as a hero. Those who kept silent are cowards and guilty and make possible crimes against humanity. That's how it always has been and that's how it always will be.





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