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Revolt against lockdown in IDAHO

More and more people worldwide are rebelling against the lockdowns. Similarly in Idaho.

“I want my God-given rights back. We have to reverse everything! I had to close my three companies because they have been declared non-essential. ”

“All jobs are essential !! We are losing our constitutional rights and are now under dictatorship. That is not correct !! Live FREE or DIE. ”

“I have to teach my children at home while the teacher is at home and just gets her salary. That salary belongs to me! ”

Angry Boise citizens gathered around the Idaho State Capitol building on Friday to demand an end to the lockdown extended by Governor Brad Little.

In Idaho people live under house arrest. Protest marches and other meetings have been banned. The measures will last until April 30 at least.

In several places in the US this week people rebelled against the Covid19 measures.

President Donald Trump announced during the White House corona respond task force briefing that he is the participants in the uprisings 'responsible people' finds.


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