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“Rebuilding Better” according to the World Bank

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There are people who think The Great Reset is coming.

But I don't think it is… ..

There is a lot of talk about The Great Reset, Build Back Better and Rebuilding Better as plans for the new future.

But in Australia, part of the dark plan has already been recorded in official government documents. The fourth industrial revolution of the WEF is already officially part of the government plans there. The Canadians are also ready for it. Here in Europe there are already many individual politicians who rave about it, so it will probably go that way.



But today's reality is that The Great Reset is already underway. What is happening now is all part of the plan.

The Rockefeller / Schwab / Gates / IMF / UN / WHO / WBG / Protocols plan is being rolled out right here this year in front of you with the ultimate goal of taking control of the world and all of humanity. To reduce the people to usable slaves who have to serve a small group of elites. The middle class must disappear. They must all go to the underclass of society and that underclass must be considerably thinned out.


And these plans were not conceived this year, they have been worked on for many decades. Either the virus and all the panic has been deliberately created to breed a breeding ground to force these plans through, or the virus and panic are, as they say, used as a 'window of opportunity' to force the plans through. I don't know, but considering how much preparation has gone into this, I think the virus and panic were purposefully created for this.

The virus was ready for use in 2013, according to an article from Quest:


And look at this 2015 movie from the WHO, explaining that everyone in the world should soon be vaccinated. What we should be vaccinated against is not stated:


Oops, the WHO movie suddenly appears to have disappeared. The Captain had posted this on his youtube channel yesterday, but apparently you were not supposed to be able to see it…. I still had the page open on my computer and was able to take some screenshots of the comments.

This only makes you think even more about what's going on here, dear folks. Here are some screenshots:


The PCR-covid tests were completed before the planemia started and Bill Gates organized a major corona pandemic exercise for all world leaders in late 2019. There were patents on viruses and on vaccines. The vaccines were already under development (but never approved or used). Most countries just keep breaking everything down for no need or even good reason. Is it all a coincidence? I do not think so.

See also my column: Is there really a conspiracy going on? (footnote 1)

I recently heard someone explain on youtube that the plans of the UN and the WEF and in all kinds of other voluminous reports from the aforementioned institutions still mention the objective of eradicating poverty and ensuring a better world. And if they write that down in a report, surely it must be true?!? (Government?) Troll Harry Hol has often been exposed as a complete nitwit who, without any argument or investigation, justifies everything that the governments propagate and everything that scientists and researchers publish as false. This madman even calls himself a journalist.


You will no longer own anything

In other words, we take everything from you. I'm not making it up, they say it themselves. Just watch this short video from Fox News:

Did you also hear what Charles says in the video (35 seconds)? Something in the sense of: Only through this conora hoax can we carry out our plans. Before that was never possible and after this it will never be possible again!

The regular visitors of CommonSenseTV know that I do a lot of research. But there is so much to read and research that sometimes (understatement) I sometimes miss or skip or save something and then come across it again later. And that is not always a disadvantage. Sometimes it is an advantage to read a document or article from some time ago. It is often easier to put it in perspective. And it is often possible to test whether anything has come out of what is being written. For example, I recently read the World Bank Group Crisis Response Approach Paper of June 2020. A voluminous report of 62 pages, also full of great promises and good intentions.

This text comes from that document with the action plan of The World Bank Group (WBG):

The four thematic pillars of the WBG crisis response are aligned with its comparative advantages. The pillars comprise:

  • World Bank emergency support to health interventions for saving 'lives threatened by the virus'.
  • WBG social response for protecting poor and vulnerable people from the impact of the economic and social crisis triggered by the pandemic.
  • WBG economic response for saving livelihoods, preserving jobs, and ensuring more sustainable business growth and job creation by helping firms and financial institutions survive the initial crisis shock, restructure and recapitalize to build resilience in recovery.
  • Focused WBG support for strengthening policies, institutions and investments for resilient, inclusive and sustainable recovery by Rebuilding Better.

Above are therefore briefly mentioned the four pillars on which the WBG Crisis policy is based: Saving lives, protecting the vulnerable in the field of economy and social life, protecting companies and jobs, and strengthening politics and organizations. by Rebuilding Better. Sounds pretty okay, right?

Okay, let's take a closer look at the themes.

 This paper sets out the WBG approach to providing support exceptional in speed, scale and selectivity to countries as they tackle the unprecedented threats posed by the COVID-19 crisis. WBG support focuses on helping countries address the crisis and transition to recovery through a combination of saving lives 'threatened by the pandemic'; protecting the poor and vulnerable; securing foundations of the economy;

 You see, they are going to save lives of people who are 'threatened by the pandemic', and they are going to be doing that soon !!

Why that 'threatened by the pandemic' should be in quotation marks is a bit of a mystery to me. Will it be because in reality we are being threatened not by a pandemic but by those in power themselves?



Furthermore, the aim of the WBG is to protect the poor and to protect the economy.

Well, you can see for yourself how well they are doing that. Perhaps you do not have a complete overview of it in the Netherlands and Belgium because of all support measures and benefits, but I can assure you that huge humanitarian and economic disasters are unfolding in many parts of the world. (see also my column: Public Enemy, footnote 2)

As health interventions ramp up across developing countries, urgent action is needed to address the devastating impacts of COVID-19 on households, livelihoods and communities. The objective of the WBG social response is to help countries protect poor and vulnerable households and communities from the economic and social shocks of the crisis.

Again it says that they want the very best for the poor and vulnerable people on earth and will come to their aid.

And how are we going to achieve these fantastic goals? Through lockdowns! We destroy everything! That is good for the poor and vulnerable people, we save lives with it and we support the economy with it. Certainly like that?


Ensuring Sustainable Business Growth and Job Creation The severe economic repercussions wrought by COVID-19 underscore the importance of Jobs and Economic Transformation.

Jobs, jobs are important! And the growth of the companies. They underline the importance of this and in the meantime contribute nicely to ruining companies and jobs.

The objective of interventions under Pillar 4 is to help countries achieve resilient, inclusive and sustainable recovery by strengthening policies, institutions and investments for Rebuilding Better based on transparent, sustainable debt and investments.

You see it, they want a better world. How great. They want transparency and a responsible mountain of debt.

Transparency completely disappeared during this plan. Everything that is done to us is determined behind closed doors. The debt mountain for the corona hoax was already unsustainably high worldwide. The corona hoax has led all governments and central banks to increase this Himalayan debt even further, while significantly shrinking the base of the economy on which this debt mountain should be based. The worldwide (government) debt mountain now amounts to 275 trillion. The debt amounts to about 360% of the Gross National Product (GNP, say: the turnover of a country) worldwide and is constantly increasing. Imagine that you have a business with a turnover of 100.000 euros and you are going to ask the bank for a loan of 360.000 euros …….

And on top of that are the balance sheets full of central bank debt. For example, the debt balance of the ECB amounts to 60% of the Gross National Product of all Euro countries.


Another notable passage from the report:

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered what is likely to be the deepest global recession since World War II. Millions of people will fall into extreme poverty, while millions of existing poor will experience even deeper deprivation - the first increase in global poverty since 1998.

Here is described the real consequence of the disastrous policies pursued by governments worldwide. Millions of people will fall into extreme poverty, while millions of people already living on the borderline of poverty will fall into even greater misery.

I'll put some numbers on it: the number of people who have to contend with severe food shortages as a result of this planning year has increased by 135.000.000.


Yes, you read that right: 135 million people have been pushed to the edge of the abyss or over it this year by the policy of the governments, on behalf of the above-mentioned institutions. Far more people have died from hunger alone than from covid-19. And when it comes to the number of covid-19 deaths, it must be remembered that to a large extent they had no covid-19 as a cause of death at all and that the average age of the covid-19 deaths is over 80 years.

And this passage:

The pandemic is exacerbating specific risks for women with sharp increases in domestic and gender-based violence and a substantial increase in emergency calls for domestic violence cases.

Moreover, this government policy will lead to an enormous increase in domestic violence against (mainly) women and children.

Leslie Alexis has just reported about this on CSTV. (footnote 3)

The pandemic puts added urgency on Gender and Development across all four pillars.

I have not taken this sentence out of some context. It literally says like that, without any further explanation. No idea what gender and its development has to do with this hoax and organized crisis. But they are going to do something about it urgently?!?!

The comparative advantage of the World Bank Group comes from the powerful combination of country depth and global breadth, public and private sector instruments and relationships, multisector knowledge and practitioner expertise, and the ability to mobilize and leverage financing.

So it actually says here that the World Bank, because of the grip they have on many countries and the powerful combination of debt burdens that they can saddle the countries around the world with and because of the boyfriends they have in politics and other 'relationships', they are incredible have a lot of power. Folks, these texts come from The Worldbank, an organization that works closely with the UN, IMF, WEF and WHO. And the relationships, the friends, we probably already know a few of them: The Rockefellers, Soros, Gates, Charles and Schwab sure?

They present their plans with beautiful stories and meanwhile destroy the lives and well-being of us all.

The document is too long to discuss in its entirety. It is mainly about money, more money, vaccines, a lot of vaccines, which are necessary and building a better world. Where have we heard that before?

The intentions seem good.

Not only the publications of the World Bank and the IMF, but also those of the United Nations, the Rockefellers and the WHO and even those of the World Economic Forum seem to be full of good intentions and all ignore the fact that they are causing all this misery themselves. Has there ever been one of these organizations who said in the course of this year: Well, it is not too bad with the pandemic, the measures we are taking do not seem to have any effect, let's just stop and make sure that we limit the further economic and social damage.

That is what they want according to their own publications. But in the meantime, they are urging all governments worldwide to continue to demolish everything.

So in the end it cannot be sustained to think that these types of organizations have any good in us and it is clear that they are the driving force behind the destruction of our society. Everything has to be demolished and rebuilt according to the structures they envision.

The local politicians, the Ruttens of this world, who participate on a large scale in this, have been triggered by the power and money that these organizations jointly dispose of, but they will eventually lose out here too. Because nothing democratic remains, there will be no more parliament, Build Back Better is only better for them. They really don't need Mark and his associates anymore.

Perhaps it is high time to make different choices about our way of life.

We are with a lot of people on this globe and the growth is still strong. In the year 1900, the world population was about 1 billion people. In 1950, 50 years, 2 devastating wars and a real flu pandemic later, the world's population was approximately 2 billion people. So a doubling!

Now, in 2020, 70 years later, the world population already consists of almost 8 billion people. An almost fourfold increase!

Everyone wants to live a prosperous life. And every sensible person grants that to everyone. But if we don't take good care of nature and manage our natural resources properly, it can have disastrous consequences.

However, in all those so-called well-intentioned plans of the Rockefellers and World Economic Forum and Bill Gates, we are never known. We did not vote for that. And most importantly, there is no control whatsoever over the plans and measures of these people. Nowhere in their reports is there any mention of justification or approval. They want the power and for the rest, as Rutte has already put it powerfully: Just slack your mouth.

There is no democracy at this level, no dialogue, no accountability. They want to do what they want.

It is abundantly clear that they want omnipotence without control, without democratic processes, without elections. Because that is all just a hassle. When a small group of dictators have omnipotence all over the world, all their plans can be realized.

I understand, but I don't understand. Because their plans are not going to be in the good and interest of you and me.


Note 1:

Is there really a conspiracy going on?

Note 2:

public enemy

Note 3:

Child abuse in Belgium due to lockdown doubled


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