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Refugees needed for cultural filling of white cities

President Donald Trump has tackled refugee policy properly and will deliver on his election promise next year.

Trump will be the influx of refugees reduced by 2020% in 80 compared to Barack Obama, as he promised in 2016. And he is well on course.

The Democrats obviously disagree with this and are seriously concerned about the fact that there are still villages and towns where almost everyone exists BLANK is.

The New York Times, the extension of the left-wing Democrats, reported on how to reduce whites in these villages and towns. "Refugees are needed to fill the gaps for cultural diversity."

Surely it cannot be that a city like Missoula is 89% white? - So that is the real line of thought of left-wing people.

The New York Times, once a big newspaper, now a laughable Anti-Trump magazine, states that in states like Hampshire, Vermont and Maine A series of problems arise for newly arrived immigrants. Because these states have too many white communities. This MUST be filled.

"These states are almost all white!" according to NY Times. "The new arrivals often feel alone without the comfort and assistance of the community."

The intention is that there will no longer be any white city or village in the future of the USA. Even though Trump is sharpening it immigration policy the Dems continue to find solutions to attract many migrants into the country. Often by encouraging family reunions. This way, migrant families can bring their entire family to the US.

You should write this article sometime, but then replace blank with black. You go for the ax because of racism.

We can be very happy that Trump was chosen in 2016. These people have completely lost their way. The self-hatred is so great among these "journalists" and the Democrats. They hate their country, they hate their own race and anything that is not white is received with open arms.

What a world ...

Sources: Knitbard






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