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Regret about vaccination strikes

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Article from Front news

I'm sorry

Similar to buyer's remorse after spending a lot of money on a product that you realize you don't want and shouldn't have bought, millions of people have vaccine remorse after being treated with central nervous system disruptive, blood clotting, filthy Covid-19 vaccines have been injected. For many others, the remorse is for their relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues who have died from the injections. For millions of others, however, the Covid-19 vaccine GIVES them Covid-19, ironically making their worst fear come true, writes

The worst part is that the “customers” cannot “bring back” the vaccines. Bad warranty, and returns will not be accepted. It doesn't matter if you have your "receipt" (vaccine card or pass), because there is NO undoing of mRNA codes once they are embedded in your cells. They sneak in like a poisoned trojan horse and penetrate the space, the message between your DNA and your RNA, and that's it. You're all set. Coded to produce unlimited prions and proteins in your blood that travel far beyond just the painful muscle tissue where they put the technology in your arm.

Vaccine “muscle myth” debunked: Spike proteins split off from your cells and travel through your body via your blood 

Spike proteins cleave (break away from) the cell, leave the injection site and travel through your body and brain, contrary to what the filthy vaccine manufacturers, the corrupt FDA and their co-conspirators at the CDC have been telling everyone. If you want to understand the science, the real science, behind mRNA, listen to the scientist who made it, who discovered it, who pioneered it, and who is now whistling about it. Get ready to hear the truth about these filthy, planned Covid-19 vaccinations:

Full broadcast censored on YouTube. Complete broadcast and backup, odyssey:,-in-three-easy:0?r=FuWwFotRbicqY9GHyWBqDdTNNHpaTgC9

Sold! Now, after half of all Americans receive at least their first Covid-19 shot, if not their second, millions of victims are discovering immediate or strangely delayed vaccine damage, some of which now appear permanent, including loss of vision, hearing, and organs contaminated with blood clots.

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Extensive article by Dr. Malone, inventor of mRNA technique:

mRNA inventor strikes ALARM! Here's What The Vaccine Does To You And You MUST Know!

dr. Malone guest at Tucker Carlson:

mRNA inventor Dr. Malone at Tucker Carlson: "Vaccines not justified"

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