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Reich Marshal Goering: "Frighten them and say that refusers are a danger."

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State propaganda then and now

An interesting piece on Xander news comparisons is discussed between the corona measures now and the State propaganda in the 30s that led to the Second World War.

When people make comparisons with the Third Reich or the 30s, they are often ridiculed. The collective indignation as soon as such a thing comes up is cringe-inducing. Everything must be negotiable. If one believes in science like that or if one wants to acquire knowledge, then these kinds of matters should be discussed openly. We must learn from history so that it does not repeat itself.

That taboo about that war and National Socialism really has to be removed and we have to wake up and realize what we have ended up in. And also very important .. Why? For what reason?

The corona measures have done more, much more damage than the virus itself. But then really much more! This policy and government cannot be justified in any way. Any rational person will sooner or later conclude: This government has blood, a lot of blood on their hands. And we have only just started. Millions of people, in the Netherlands alone, are still facing a lot of misery thanks to the measures of this government that are so disproportionate that even the awake people are stunned because somewhere you hope that it will not get that far. Every day it seems like a very bad dream that we have ended up in.

A world where facts and logic are replaced by lies and State propaganda that completely ignore facts and common sense. Fully!




We have been comparing this time with the 30s for a long time, but it has never been as topical and striking as this year. Slowly, more and more people are beginning to realize that, especially since the corona crisis, exactly the same fear-mongering propaganda and manipulation techniques have been used as with which the Nazis got a whole nation behind them. "Vote or no vote, the people can always be brought to obedience to the leaders," said Reich Marshal Hermann Goering. That's simple. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and accuse the pacifists of lacking patriotism and endangering the country. It works exactly the same in every country. '

In 2020, the same well-thought-out psychological tactics will be used to force the people into absolute obedience to climate / corona measures. First, the masses are constantly bombarded with panic-inducing messages and statements, so that they become terrified and turn off all their sober minds. Then most of them will stand like sheep behind the leaders and other authorities, blindly following their orders. In this way you can quite easily bring an entire society under total control, and you can eventually get people to do whatever you want, even to spy on each other, betray each other, put them in camps and kill them like animals.

'This is pure tyranny that collapses society'

This is the real reason for 1,5 meters and masks. It is used as a justification for arresting people who refuse to comply and / or resist. In France you can end up in prison for 6 months if you don't wear a mouth mask. In Melbourne, women are knocked down on the street by the police, or even dragged out of their homes in front of their children.

"This is pure tyranny," writes American economist Martin Armstrong. "They are deliberately trying to collapse society so that the population becomes controllable - just as was done under communism."

He also gives an example to a friend who grew up behind the Berlin Wall. When the Iron Curtain fell in 1989, his father managed to get his hands on his Stasi file. He was shocked to find that all the persons he thought were his friends had reported everything he had ever said about the government to the Stasi. He was so angry that he demolished the walls at home to rip out the hidden microphones.

Fear of losing face actually perpetuates lies

Then a sentence worthy of further consideration: "Until his death, he refused to ever discuss this with anyone except his immediate family." Shame is part of the same psychological process. If you turn out to have believed in a lie for a long time, perhaps years or your entire life, then the same fear that first forced people to blind obedience causes them to be ashamed of the fact that they have been misled for so long and apparently so. weren't as smart and awake as they thought of themselves, go into denial.

Many observant Dutch people are currently experiencing that a large part of their family, friends and colleagues are already deep in the first phase of that fear / shame process deliberately ignited by politics and media. Instead of acknowledging that you could indeed have been frightened - a perfectly normal human response - but now you have the opportunity to correct this based on the facts, for fear of admitting yourself wrong, hold off to go ', to face the fact that those you thought you could trust have lied and you didn't notice, just stuck to the lie.

And as it becomes more 'exposed', you cling to your original, but now debunked beliefs with even more determination. After all, your reputation is at stake, and often your job as well. Just think of the politicians, policymakers and media leaders who have been perpetuating this pandemic hoax for months, and are now re-fueling it with the meaningless rising number of 'infections'. Reversing their policy without losing face has become virtually impossible for them.

That's how it worked in Nazi Germany, that's how it worked in the Soviet bloc, and that's how it works after the 'Great (Green) Reset', which is the beginning of the climate-corona dictatorship to which the Netherlands and half the world currently subject. is becoming. Plans to bring the entire world under a technocratic communist regime have been around since 1992, with the drafting of UN Agenda 21. This is not a conspiracy theory, but can be found in many documents. Armstrong thinks they won't succeed, "but that doesn't mean those in power won't try."


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