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Reiner Fuellmich's stunning and inspiring speech

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This contribution by Reiner Fuellmich needs no introduction. 

Here speaks a sincere man with a big heart. Reiner is one of those men who will go down in history as, “He who stood up to the greatest crime of all time.”



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Alberta stops with corona measures

While scary Justin Trudeau has big plans for his corona concentration camps, the province of Alberta has put an end to the fascist corona measures.

Public health officials across Canada are keeping tight-lipped about Dr. Deena Hinshaw to lift most of Alberta's COVID-19 restrictions. (source)

The biggest scam of all time has been seen through and this genie is out of the bottle. The protests in Canada, and worldwide, are getting bigger and bigger.

They may think they are God, but they are just sad psychopaths who are anything but unbeatable.

Spread the freedom!

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