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Reiner Fuellmich: “Dangerous tests for children contain false information leaflets”

Dangerous self-tests for children are used with false package inserts

The tests and rapid tests, which children have to undergo weekly in Germany, are full of chemicals that are extremely dangerous.

Reiner Fuellmich emphasizes it even more: “Extremely dangerous!”



You can download the video via PC if you are logged in.

A direct deliberate attack on children and adults by governments.

Children are required to test every week in primary schools in Germany

You don't think it possible. ALL the dangers are known and proven and they just push it through.

Because the tests have not been approved by the FDA, the package insert has also been deliberately replaced so that it is thought that everything is fine.

Just like the invitations we receive in the Netherlands for this "absolutely safe" vaccine, while the vaccine deaths continue to fall daily. For nothing. Redundant.

This got Marcel van Tol through the door. “Safe and extensively tested!”. Oh yeah? Why not approved by the FDA?

A serious offense, sending these letters. EU GUARANTEES THAT VACCINES ARE EACH RELIABLE? And the, already spacious, 10.000 Europeans and who have died from these “guaranteed safe vaccines”? This can not be?

It is no longer comprehensible that people still dare to bring it as if this vaccine is good and safe. It is still less conceivable that our fellow human beings obey like blind sheep.

What a crime. What a deception. What a scam. rutte, de Jonge and their friends: we will never forget this. Never.

And the media? Where are they with their critical questions?

This people, those responsible, will pay. The only way to continue living as real people is to exterminate this elite who literally and figuratively take our lives.

Dirty people. withers. There are no nicer words for these people and they hang.

So that they will receive the highest punishment possible. All of them. 

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