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Reiner Fuellmich: “In Israel people are dying from German vaccines”

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People in Israel are dying from German vaccines

Thus Fuellmich. Striking statement. Controversial? Can facts be controversial?

Reiner Fuellmich. He is the figurehead of a movement that brings lawsuits against governments and prepares a tribunal together with a hard core of about 50 men and supported by an army of lawyers, experts and scientists who have joined.

They have to do it in the courtrooms together with all the other people who are also fighting for justice apart from this group.

This is a striking excerpt from an interview with Punkt.Preradovic a few months ago about German injections killing people in Israel.

Reiner speaks about the international collective lawsuits, there is very brief mention of the media and their political so-called fact checkers, the PCR test, the doubts about the truth of the existence of covid19 as presented worldwide and these “vaccinations” which must be judged as a genetic experiment on humanity.




Videos in which Reiner Fuellmich is interviewed pop up and are just as quickly removed from YouTube and Vimeo, among others. But newer video platforms are also guilty of this censorship.

After the weekend we will come up with a well-filled topical article about the state of affairs surrounding these lawsuits with the accompanying images and the tribunal.

Willingness to vaccinate

In the meantime, we must all continue our fight against this tyranny and think in solutions and convince people (but also stop putting energy into people who cannot be saved, we all know them).

That's easy to say, because we don't have the solutions ready either, and no leader has risen yet with charisma who moves the people.

But something is brewing because of the vaccination woes. Sad as it is. We don't wish anyone serious side effects or death from a vaccine. But eyes are opening and more people are questioning the whole story and wondering what the point of taking this risk is.

Are more people noticing this in their direct and digital environment? 

If there are "about 20 or 5" in a selection of more than 6 football players who categorically do not want to and will be vaccinated, then that says nothing more than that there are fortunately still sensible young men among those boys from the Dutch national team. who think. (source)

Can you extend this percentage to other selections? Other sports? The society? And isn't the pressure not to get vaccinated with those celebrities greater than with ordinary people? Does that mean anything?

The sample is too small for that, but in any case it raises even more doubt in my mind whether as many people have actually been vaccinated as we are supposed to. Let alone for subsequent injection.

We remain extremely positive and these terrible people make more mistakes than we might think. We are going to see and we keep going. Once with so many, it will not be that difficult to go back to doing normal with all of us, will it? Although something seems hopeless, the tide can turn. And the more people know the truth, the faster it can go.

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