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Video Reiner Fuellmich: “We are at a tipping point” (Update: Video is back)

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Turning point

As we know, Reiner Fuellmich is the face of a massive movement and a large team preparing a tribunal against those responsible for this, as he himself calls it, the greatest crime of all time against humanity.

He sees it positively.

"We are at the tipping point,", says Fuellmich. "There are so many mistakes they make."

"I don't think all those side effects from the vaccines are part of the plan."

Fuellmich thinks they rolled out the plan too early. Their plans were initially scheduled to be rolled out in 2050 but they became greedy and accelerated. 2020-2030 (Agenda 2030).

Greedy for power especially. And certain people want to experience it but will no longer be there in 2050.

"It may well be that we need a special court because a lot points in the direction that the national courts will not really be able to deal with this because this is so large.", says Reiner.

"It will be a Nuremberg II tribunal."

The interviewer asks Reiner who exactly are the people who are doing this.

“We are dealing with probably 0,000000 percent of the population trying to take power and control of the entire world. They are not concerned with money. ”, to show how few people are in principle trying to take over the world.

Reiner thinks it concerns about 3.000 people.

“If we had been a little more careful, if we had looked a little more carefully. then we would have known that this group of people has stolen the money from taxpayers worldwide for 30 years. ”

About the so-called covid virus:

“There can be no doubt about it. After interviewing so many experts from all different fields of science, doctors, virologists, epidemiologists, economists, lawyers, psychologists, psychiatrists… These are the greatest crimes ever committed against humanity. ”, said Reiner Fuellmich in this interview posted on Bitchute by Systems of Consciousness.


“All those people who even volunteer in line. It's tragic, but there's not much we can do about it. We cannot save everyone. ”

“These people do not play a role for them. They have been used purely as guinea pigs. ”

And a life-threatening test, according to the figures. Thousands of people die or contract chronic conditions from the corona vaccines.

These are the most exciting times you can imagine we live in.

The greatest lie of all time has been exposed, the media exposed, and we know who is responsible.

Listen to Reiner Fuellmich here:

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. Dutch subtitles.




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