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Rejected asylum seeker decapitates left girlfriend

The murder

In Hämeenlinna in southern Finland, a young Finnish woman was murdered by an illegal refugee on Monday evening, January 20.

Marko Makinen, the criminal investigation commissioner, reported that two bodies were found dead in an apartment. One was the body of the young Sanni Ovaska. The other body belonged to the 27-year-old asylum seeker Hasan Alqina (source)

This happened in a home in downtown Hämeenlinna on that Monday evening between the evening and midnight. (source police Hämeenlinna)

It was reported to the police by a witness who lives on the same floor. This person saw a pool of blood in front of the house and called the police around 22:30 PM.

The police think that the crime did not take place long before they entered the apartment.

Hasan killed Sanni and then, in all likelihood, committed suicide.

Sanni Ovaska

Sanni was a brainwashed girl, supposedly "Woke" (awake). Exactly as the media and politicians like to see.

The attitude of this young woman is the ultimate example of the result of years of indoctrination. At schools, by the media and by politicians.

The type of girl you see everywhere.

Actually extreme left but we still call them left out of politeness. Criticism of Islam is racist, although Muslims are not a race. Criticism on immigration issues is also racist. Being realistic and warning also falls under racism. You can't go anywhere with it.

Sanni was a globalist. She was in favor of an open borders policy. She supported mass immigration and despised "White people". Sanni did meet the definition of racist. Many texts were laced with anti-white sentiments. She often typed: 'white men are shit'  (source)

She was fanatic LGBT trailer and she also praised a series of other progressive social developments. (source)

She also wrote: "White people don't matter". (source)



Hasan Alqina.

The 27 year old Hasan Alqina arrived in Finland as an asylum seeker in 2015. He registered himself as an asylum seeker from Palestine. He received a temporary residence permit. (source)

He writes on social media that he is a fanatic Muslim, he hates Donald Trump and worked as a cook. He is born according to himself in Jaffa (Israel). (source)


Hasan Alqina


Hasan Alqina


Sanni really liked the body-building asylum seeker and took him into her home and in her life.

He came to live with her and Sanni often used him as propaganda on social media to show that they had a fantastic time. Hasan was the ideal example of the inequality of the people who warned her.

They misunderstood the migrants and especially the Muslims. (source) (source)

Sanni and Hasan

A person close to the suspect says that the murderer Hasan had a good life: “He was a chef. He was active in the gym and took part in fitness competitions. ” (source)

It is reminiscent of the heartbreaking story of the Swiss model migrant. The national symbol of successful integration. Six months ago he throws a mother and her child in front of the train. People you would not expect if you have no knowledge of political Islam.

That lack of knowledge is a major problem in our own politics. If they had that knowledge and were not politically correct, they would close those borders today and there would be a Nexit tomorrow. Can we finally start building a fun society. In which race does not play a role, but reducing a dangerous ideology that is at odds with everything we stand for.

Asylum request rejected.

Everything went well in the relationship until Hasan was told that his asylum was not being extended. His temporary permit was withdrawn and he had to go back. He would not have met the asylum conditions (source)(source) and are deported to Palestine.

His behavior changed and he demanded that Sanni go with him to Palestine. Sanni didn't want this. Sanni had a lot left for her pro-immigration agenda, but she didn't want to move to Palestine.

The tension became too high, the love became less and Sanni decided to end the relationship. (source)

But ending a relationship with a Muslim is like leaving the Mafia.

That fact does not seem to be accepted by many Westerners because we cannot imagine it.

The young left-wing activist who embraced Islam is beheaded by her own Muslim boyfriend Hasan.

All media are silent

This story is nowhere to be found in the international and mainstream media. Only alternative media, MTV and Finnish local newspapers have written about this. (source)

For that reason, we delved deeply and searched Finnish sources, forums and messages from the Finnish police themselves.

The latter is extremely reserved. The cutting of the head only became clear later on thanks to the community on the Finnish Crime forum that gathered witness data and via messages on social media. (source) (source)

The police reported January 27: "Death investigations involving aliens are confidential information and cannot be further disclosed by the police." en

Although the method of killing has been brutal and cruel, the rumors circulating in Finland about the method of killing have sometimes been exaggerated. Also take the family and next of kin into account. ” (source)

The latter can also be charged by the police by not giving anything openness.

Anger among the Finnish population towards media and politicians

The Finnish people are outraged why there is no mention of this murder. Not by the media and not by politics either.

There is also a lack of understanding why he was not immediately rejected as an asylum seeker and allowed to walk around temporarily. (source)

“It was not so quiet after Finland received a European Court of Human Rights over a human rights violation in Iraq after the asylum seeker returned to Iraq in 2017 and was murdered in his home country. The government was immediately ready to express their condolences when an expelled Iraqi was murdered in his home country. ” said Kimmo Kautio

The government vowed that such a thing would never happen again. Now a young Finnish woman has lost her life because a person who has not met the asylum conditions has been allowed to stay in Finland for five years.(source)

The police provide very little information and the media completely ignores this terrible murder.

"Alarms should now go off at the Ministry of the Interior and the government as a whole, but the political leadership of our country, which ultimately bears responsibility for the system, will not let go." (source journalist Kimmo Kautio)

The Minister of the Interior in Finland is Maria Ohisalolta from the Finnish GroenLinks. It is clear that this minister cannot use criticism of Islam or refugees.

These are precisely the people who must be imported en masse in order to achieve the goal of the globalists. A Europe without borders with a large diversity of cultures in which Islam forms part of Europe. (source)

Earlier, an Afghan, also a migrant in Finland, raped his Finnish girlfriend and set her on fire. An Iraqi resident in the Finnish town of Pori beheaded his Finnish mistress and set fire to her house because she wanted to end the relationship with him. The media did not pay much attention to this either.  (source)  (source)

“The whole program of politics in Finland at the moment is aimed at protecting the human rights of foreigners. The safety and human rights of the Finns have no value. ”, according to one of the largest blogs in Finland Uusi Suomi (source)



In 2018 the killer is up Sanni with Rami "Toy Smuggler" Adham in the picture.

The “model refugee” Toy Smuggler was initially a hero in Finland. He smuggled toys to poor children in Syria.

But this Syrian man from Finland turned out to be a big fraud and put the money from the established foundation to help children in his own pocket and was seen wearing war clothes in Syria. He was sentenced to 10 months in prison.(source)

The term “military refugees” is much discussed in Finland. There is a percentage of militants among the asylum seekers, has become established. (source) (source)

The murderer Hassan posted 3 videos on Youtube 2 months ago

He also had a Twitter account in which the even younger Hasan is dressed in military clothing. In the background is a picture of terrorist organization Hamas:

This is Hasan's Facebook account.

Some Twitter messages:

A very tragic story. This is terrible for the bereaved. If only Sanni had really been awake.

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