Remarkable news item

Remarkable news item

I haven't been online for a while (sometimes you have to take some distance to not get mad ) but after a short time-out I was immediately bombarded with a cannon full of madness.

Maybe it's most remarkable message I just want to share with you, because not only do I find it completely nonsense, but because in my opinion it is also completely immoral and I am therefore surprised why I have not yet heard the good people pronounce total shame.

In short, it is about the Radboud UMC which sends corona "emergency aid" to Suriname since it is claimed that a real covid disaster is going on there. Whether there is actually a disaster in Suriname I will leave in the middle, the Radboud thinks so and sends next to doctors / nursing staff / mouth masks and the like. However, it doesn't stop there, no, these beautiful generous benefactors also send no less than 40.000 Astra Zeneca vaccines! Thrilling isn't it?

Why I am now completely dismayed is the following: Astra Zeneca is perhaps the most questionable vaccine on the market and the drug was removed from the market months ago by various countries worldwide because it simply caused too much misery. Now the Dutch government was already quite late with the withdrawal of this vaccine and it is strange to say the least that to make matters worse there are also a number of general practitioners here in the Netherlands who are now suddenly against government policy. can go and decided to pierce merrily with the Astra Zeneca vaccine.

Having said all that, I think we can conclude that this vaccine is not known for its extreme reliability. On the contrary! But don't worry, there will be no waste because instead of the trash where this product actually belongs, the benefactors from Nijmegen have decided to delight Suriname with it.

It must be me again, but if I consider something to be junk then it is junk and it wouldn't occur to me to give something that I don't consider good enough for myself, to give to someone else. In my opinion, that is not a direct sign of being ethically responsible, and I actually think it is outrageous.

Anne Miedema

Article: (Just the headline: “Suriname sighs under corona wave”)



Update vaccine victims….


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