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Renewed comment section

Dear readers,

We bought some nice things to make the discussions under the articles more lively.

As soon as a response arrives, you can see it live on your screen. You can also see who is online and offline.

A badge shows how the reactions of certain users are rated.

We have also purchased an “embed” plugin. For example, if you paste a link from a YouTube video, a Facebook post or a Tweet under an article, it will immediately expand it and make it readable or play the video so that you do not have to leave CSTV to see the content.

This works with these platforms:

Furthermore, you can follow / unfollow certain users if you wish and it will list the people who respond the most and what discussions are going on at the moment.

There are new stickers and emoticons. You can also upload files or images yourself.

There are many more new options that have not been mentioned here and that we have yet to set ourselves. I would say try it all out a bit below this article and we would love to hear your feedback.

As soon as you log out, the messages will no longer appear.

About the reactions: Sometimes the system may indicate that your response is “on hold” or “under review”. Our spam filter does this. Usually this happens with posts with many links in them. But sometimes for unclear reasons. We can't do anything about this and we can't turn the filter off. Then our site will be full within an hour with viagra pill advertisements and other junk.

We check daily whether there are any messages on hold. You can also try to post the comment again. Or in 2 parts if it is a long post.

Furthermore, we have seen a number of people claim that there is censorship here. The only thing to be careful about is that there is no name calling, no personal attacks and no trolls. In this way we hope to initiate healthy discussions where there is room for every opinion.


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