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Here you will find ALL info about the HORROR ingredients of the COVID vaccine

It all seemed far from our bed. An impossible plot. It couldn't be true. Those who had been warning us for years were dismissed as conspiracy thinkers.

Usually without knowing the true definition of the word “conspiracy”. It is used inappropriately, while conspiracies are collaborations to achieve something in a certain way.

And now, in 2020, we are in the thick of it and these “conspiracies”, after years of preparation, have become reality for our near future if this is not stopped.

The technology is ready, we all know that. They are not secretive about it. It can all be found publicly on the internet.

Dr. Madej is 47 years old and has over 19 years of experience as an internist, medicine expert and research into vaccines. (source) (source)

Video dr. Carrie Madej. (Dutch subtitles)

Investigation of the HORROR ingredients of the COVID-19 vaccination



dr. Carrie Madej: 

I have some important news. Everyone should know this. I hope you will think about what I'm going to tell you. I've been studying the effects of vaccines for 20 years. I am very focused on this topic because many untruths are being proclaimed and many things are not right. Things are being hushed up and I'd like to share this with you.
Facebook deletes a lot of posts from me and other doctors. I actually wanted to quit my Facebook account. But so much is kept hidden and I want to make the truth clear in order to safeguard our health. This information is vital and that is why I have not quit Facebook. Sharing as much knowledge as possible really makes a big difference. So pass this along to your friends and family as well.
To what I'm about to tell you, you will probably respond with, “That's not possible, this is happening none, because I trust the government and I trust the Bill Gates Foundation ”. Many doctors, scientists and biologists have already wanted to bring this out. They've tried this for years, but they somehow keep getting
hushed to death. 
Many of my colleagues and I have often made attempts to tell the full story. Usually in vain. That is why you don't see professionals coming out with real facts. Every now and then one person comes up with an article, but not the whole group of doctors. It is about too much money and we are being gagged. We clearly don't have freedom of speech in medicine. In this interview I am going to focus on the COVID19 vaccination.
I want to ask you an important question: What does it mean to you to be an ordinary to be a healthy person? I am going to tell you what the ingredients of the COVID-19 vaccination are. We are very misled by the media. So I share my knowledge here, so you can draw your own conclusions. Take your own research based on this knowledge.
What is DNA and how do you rewrite DNA?
Everyone has enough DNA in their body, running up to 10 billion miles (1,6 billion km). That's about 35.000 terabytes of data or about 35 million hours of high-definition video. What information does your DNA contain? It is a blueprint for your life. How your body functions. How it grows. How it reproduces our thoughts and memories.
You can compare your DNA with a computer code or binary code. A little change in that code can result in major changes. You can insert a genome. So you can do something extra in the code. You can extract a genome, then you miss one. You can also place part of a genome in a different region. And you can take a genome from a synthetic or other organism and use that to replace part of a human genome.
When you do this, you rewrite the genetic code. You write your own software program. And how much of that code would have to change to be considered non-human? Would that be ethical and legal? I think it is very important to raise awareness and discuss this. Because they are trying to roll out this technology this year. It is also called a technical, synthetic or genetically modified cell line… they use these terms for it. It is jargon that you must try to understand
What is a patent? 
Everything that comes from nature cannot be patented and therefore does not generate any money. They are wild fruits, vegetables or herbs. But something that has been modified, that has been edited, can be patented. They mess with the molecules, they add something and it is no longer natural. Then they can earn money from it. They apply for a patent and patents bring in billions. Because then it is a unique product. Healthy or not, it doesn't matter. It makes money. 
A good example is Monsanto. That company can genetically modify seeds. In doing so, it has created something that no longer resembles nature. So it can be patented and make money. You then see tomatoes and corn in the supermarket that look exactly like wild vegetables, but are not. They have changed something. So it looks the same on the outside, but it's not the same on the inside. That's why at Monsanto they own and control the seeds.

Will we humans also be able to be patented?

Just translate this into a human cell line or a human. This could mean that we as humans can be patented or that our human cell lines can be patented. And once it's patented, we have to be owners

to have. You see where I want to go… (Carrie laughs) What if our DNA is modified with genes from a different species? Are we still human? Is this transhumanism? And what if our DNA genome has been changed? If it is then patented and owned by someone? Folks, this is not an SF movie or some future event. These are facts that take place today.

This is called recombinant DNA and recombinant RNA technology. And it is suggested for the COVID-19 vaccination.

This DNA vaccine has never been used on humans before

The coronavirus COVID-19 vaccines are designed to make our genetically modified organism. Those are the same jargon and terminology used for Monsato seeds. So the front runner in the development of recombinant DNA technology is Inovio, which is supported by the Bill Gates Foundation. Glaxo Smith Kline, Sanofi and also Moderna are also participating and supported by the Gates Foundation.


To be clear, this type of DNA vaccination has never been used on humans before. I repeat… These types of vaccinations have never been used on humans before. So they want to require a vaccination that has never been used on humans before. Vaccine trials are being done at a level and pace that I have never seen before. They skip the animal testing. They go directly to human trials. There is no good scientific methodology at all. There is no randomized placebo-controlled trial for any vaccine. And that's a golden rule of any therapy that the FDA must approve. No sound scientific protocol is followed to ensure that a vaccine is safe. To make sure it actually works.


Vaccine manufacturers cannot be held responsible for harmful consequences

Vaccine producers are generally exempt from liability. So if you get side effects or the vaccine causes some sort of attack or paralysis, this group cannot be held responsible. They are also exempt from randomized control trials. They do this not only with the COVID-19 vaccines, but with others as well



Then they can just say, “we've had the MMR vaccine before”. What kind of mindset is this? I can't believe they are so careless with medicine. A small change in your DNA can bring about big changes.

They are also exempt from providing evidence that these agents will do what they say. For example, they just need to prove that the vaccine produces antibodies. But just because you have antibodies doesn't mean you're immune to anything. We do not know that. We don't know if this works for the population. In a real study they have to demonstrate this. They don't do that now, they don't have time for that, they say. So the vaccines may not work at all.



So we have to ask ourselves what the purpose of the COVID-19 vaccine is. Also important to know is that many vaccines use MRC-enabled fetal cell lines from the 5s. This is an immortalized cell line. So it does not die. In other words, it is a cell that has lost the ability to continue apoptosis * to go. And a cell that can't survive that dying process is called cancer. That's the definition of cancer.


* apoptosis is cell death. Natural cell process that leads to the death of cells that show an abnormality and therefore no longer function properly. So because they sprinkle with many incomprehensible words, you do not realize that a cancer cell is being used. Another term for aborted fetal cells are diploid cells. They also use other terms for this. I'll cover the two most important.


Some vaccinations that use these cancerous cell lines are MMR

(such as measles, rubella, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, shingles, hepatitis A and B and polio).


Increased risk of cancer according to Italian scientists

There is an Italian report endorsed by the Italian government and Corvelva, a group of Italian scientists. I already mentioned the conclusions about some of the vaccines I just mentioned. These scientists state that this vaccine increases the chance that something will change, in other words, that it increases the risk of cancer.


So there is an increased risk of mutagenesis or mutant genes. I don't even know what this means (Carrie laughs). An increased risk of transmission of a live infection. This is well known. Often times there would be bacteria. This is a contaminant or a mycoplasma pneumoniae: a common bacteria that is contaminating. This has nothing to do with the vaccine, but the bacteria is there. So you get an infection on top of the vaccine.


Potential bioweapons

The result of all that I have researched and now tell you could be used as a bioweapon. They inject cancer into your body along with highly toxic substances such as mercury derivatives, aluminum derivatives and other toxins. Then there is also the synergistic effect. Suppose you have one vaccine with a known number of side effects and you inject that within a certain time together with another vaccine with a known number of side effects in a human body ...


Then you not only get A plus B, but the two together can also have a synergistic effect. The adverse effects of this can be a hundred times greater. No studies have been done on the effects of different vaccines together and we do not know what the effects of the COVID19 vaccine are. The pediatric population is definitely the most susceptible because the immune system of children is not yet mature.


Why are vaccines pushed like that?

If the current research and evidence is so flawed, we just need the follow the flow of money. Bill Gates has sponsored and paid many companies for research:


-In 2011, the German company Curevac was awarded $ 33 million for research and development of RNA vaccines.

-In 2013 Moderna Therapeutics received 25 million euros for research and development of RNA vaccines.

-In 2015, Inovio received 45 million for their DNA vaccines, which the company said the DNA- nanotechnology. Nanotechnology uses microscopic robotic organisms. All these

 companies have been supported by the Bill Gates Foundation or are associated with it.

Companies are not licensed

It is important to know that these companies have NOT received a license for human use of those products. This is because the vaccines did not provide sufficient immunity in human trials. Again, adequate immunity just means you have a certain amount of antibodies. This again shows that someone in public is not completely immune to whatever bacteria, virus or disease the vaccines want to protect. Only in vitro, in a test tube, is it checked how many antibodies there are. That's not good scientific evidence for the efficacy of these vaccines.

They want control of the human brain

Advanced research was conducted at the Pentagon in 2010. The project focused on DNA and RNA vaccines. A synthetic DNA vaccine has been developed that can be administered by non-invasive electroporation. A kind of sticker with micro needles, you hardly feel it in your skin. "It's to empower and undermine people at the genetic level," they said. This is about the same year that Bill Gates began firmly funding the DNA and RNA companies I've mentioned.


In 2012 DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) approved the development of a brain machine interface. That's Artificial Intelligence (AL), an artificial neural network with the ability to communicate through thinking alone or to be influenced or controlled remotely. That is like smart home automation in your home. You can, for example, turn on your air conditioning, stove or TV by thinking about it. Your thoughts are, as it were, a WiFi. That sounds cool, you may think.

But remember: every advantage has a disadvantage. Because what if the smart home can also give you assignments? This is all related.


The technology to rewrite your memories and thoughts

There is another program. Next gene, non-surgical nanotechnology, includes non-invasive or minimally invasive brain computer interfaces to read and write directly in your brain. Do you know what this means? (Carrie laughs). Even now that I've known this for a while, I'm still impressed by it. This means that they can rewrite your memories and thoughts.


Some people may find this very exciting. It looks like The Matrix. And it is also literally that movie with the red or the blue pill. Do you want to learn karate, for example? Then you can simply download that technique. After downloading you master karate. Your body then knows how to do it. Or you want to become a top French chef. Then you download what is needed and you can cook French style. You can also learn languages ​​in a day or a few days.


Ok, this part clicks really cool. But if you can control this, there is also something controlling your brain. Something is then writing your emotions, experiences and thoughts. So you have artificial memories

to certain things. Do you still remember what the reality is? You have become a computer program. You are no longer a human being, but a character in a computer program that you cannot control yourself. Dear people, I have researched this and it is not science fiction. This is the reality today.



Also good to note: DARPA funded a company that produces soft, flexible hydrogels that are injected under the skin for health monitoring. They synchronize with a smartphone app to provide the user with immediate health insights. But the hydrogel nanotechnology grows and spreads in the body after implantation. We don't know at all how this can affect our DNA. We do know that it can send information directly and continuously to an artificial intelligence (AL). All via a smartphone. It must be somewhere on your phone or found on Google. You can turn it off, but not completely erase it. That is impossible. These are the COVID-19 apps you've probably heard of. It all has to do with this. They are already preparing you for this app. You have the software. Now all you need is this little hydrogel to be injected into your body. And then your body will be checked forever.

What can they control?

-you ovulation

-your period

-How many times you have had sex

-How much alcohol got into your body

-they can check your vitamins and minerals

- how many steps you took

-If you fell, they see this too

-they can see your fear and emotions

-whether you sleep or not

They know everything about you all the time. It's going to an AI program. What I am telling you here, they want to realize very quickly. As you have noticed, they have already started installing a COVID-19 app on your smartphone.

This is NOT a fantasy, but real. I've been doing research for 20 years and that's why I'm sharing this knowledge. Finally, we are entering uncharted territory.

That's why I asked you in the beginning what it means to be human?

My conclusion after this research is:

-the COVID-19 vaccine is not safe.

-there is no scientific methodology.

-Cancer and mutagenic cell lines are introduced into our body (they have been doing them for a long time

 without people knowing).

-toxic substances are introduced into our body (they have been for a long time).

-There are also taken from various genomes introduced into our body (they do

 for a long time).

- there is no evidence that what they do and said they were going to do will happen. There do

 not even proof to be provided. It is admitted shamelessly.

-Nano technology and robot effects are also introduced into our body.


The recombinant RNA and the recombinant DNA technology can make permanent and unknown genetic changes in a human body. Permanently, because once the DNA has changed, someone has to live with this change. There's no turning back. It is not, as we are used to, that we get a vaccination and stop taking it if the vaccine doesn't work. ''


The COVID-19 vaccine is different. Your body changes for the rest of your life. Those who make these vaccines know the outcome. It creates a new being on Earth. It destroys our old being… who we really are.

It appears that this vaccine and its products are being used to connect us all to artificial intelligence (AI). (see also our articles on ID2020)


Lovely people; I know you have a lot of information to process now. That was also the case with me when I did this research. It scares me and it certainly doesn't feel right. I have attended many scientific and business meetings where this came up frequently. It's really not a fantasy or a conspiracy theory, it's real. I've been studying vaccines since I was XNUMX.


(Carrie sheds a tear and struggles emotionally).

This research is real and we have to share it en masse and stand up for ourselves. We must stand up for our existence, our children, our families and our health. Also for the future generation and for humanity.


Please investigate for yourself what I have said. Talk to everyone about it, including on social media. We have a chance to win this war if we wake up more people. People need to be aware of what is really going on.

I tell you this in love and peace for everyone.

See also this short video about the content of vaccines:


Here an EXTENSIVE study of vaccines in .pdf for download. Thanks to all the efforts of Désirée L. Röver,
Medical research journalist, author and radio host


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