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Resistance Newspaper and Protest: Hard-Handed Judgments

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Thousands of Berliners stood up yesterday against the police who were ready to take away the disobedient Germans.

Some masked people tried to adhere to the 1,5m society while protesting, but the vast majority disliked the social distancing rule and made one fist against the German government.

They shouted slogans like:
'I want my life back'.

Freedom is not everything, but without freedom everything is nothing.
"Daddy, what's a kiss ??!"
'Stand up for your fundamental rights'.

The lockdown began in Germany on March 17 and social distancing will continue until at least May 3.

The protesters distributed resistance newspapers under the name: DEMOCRATIC RESISTANCE
The newspaper read that the coronavirus is an attempt to seize power through the cultivation of fear.

The newspaper also had quotes from 127 doctors from all over the world, all of whom questioned the utility or necessity of a lockdown.

Police spokesman Thilo Cablitz said government permission had been given to hand out a newspaper, but no permit was given to hold a demonstration.

180 agents were deployed to end the whole thing. More than 100 people were arrested.



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